Aries Monthly Horoscope--April, 2016

Happy Birthday Aries! This is a time of new beginnings, and a burst of vitality. As a month begins you’ll be feeling alive and ready to take action in life. On April 7 there’s a new moon occurring in your sign, which is going to be an excellent time for setting intentions. Use this time well, and make sure that you are using your power of manifestation. As we get later in the month there will be a shift towards financial matters, and you’ll be ready to focus on making money. This will also be a time of reinvesting your energy towards projects that expand your higher mind, and elevate your consciousness. Some of you may have been embarking on spiritual journeys over the last few months, and now you may need to recommit to the process. Others may be looking over your finances and determining whether or not you can go on a trip which will expand your mind. Overall, this is a month of recommitting, and making sure that you are walking in the right direction in life.