Shifting Energy

Good Morning Friends,

The Cosmos is shifting once again, and demanding that we shift along with it. Three changes are taking place today—one is a minor event; one is more moderate; and one is quite rare. Let’s start with least significant and work our way up. The Moon entered Sagittarius today and is meeting with Saturn. This should bring about an underlying desire for growth in us all, which will be met by discipline and structure from Saturn. The Next event taking place is Mars moving from the detail-oriented and perfectionist sign of Virgo into the diplomatic and social sign of Libra. During Mars’ stay in Virgo, there was a very fact-of-the-matter and bottom-line drive in us all, and many of us were spending our energy trying to perfect ourselves and our projects. This is definitely going to be quite different now that Mars is entering Libra. Some of us will have to try harder to stay motivated, because sometimes Mars in Libra has difficulty taking action. Our work may be less focused, but our passion will heightened for sure. This will definitely signify a period of increased virility. And finally the North and South Nodes of the Moon are changing signs, after a 19 month long stay in the signs of Libra and Aries respectively. The Nodes of the Moon are not planets, but rather are points in the sky which indicate where eclipses will take place. The North Node represents the area of life that we must embrace and work towards on and individual and collective level, while the South Node represents the area of life that we are releasing control of and placing into God’s hands. While the North Node was in Libra, we all encountered lessons which taught us the importance of living a balanced life and treating others fairly. Fittingly, the South Node’s stay in Aries taught us to release aggressive tendencies, and to trust that sometimes the best course of action is to just trust that everything will work out exactly as it should. Now that the North Node is in Virgo, we will see many lessons revolving around the need to be organized; productive; healthy; and of service to others. With the South Node entering Pisces we will be leaving behind any escapist; addictive; overly-passive; and self-sabotaging behaviors that we currently practice. This will be a long learning process throughout the next 19 months, but we will learn so much about ourselves in the process. As always, the events taking place today will impact each sign differently. I recommend reading the section for your Rising Sign. If you do not know your Rising Sign, then I encourage you to click here to calculate your free birth chart. Otherwise, just read the section for your Sun Sign. I hope you enjoy!  

Aries: Today is about relationships Aries—passionate relationships specifically. You will likely have an exciting romantic event taking place, that has you thinking about pairing up. Others may have passionate events taking place within a relationship that is not so pleasant, such as a heated argument. If the second example is how this plays out, then the argument may be related to money and shared resources. The other person will likely instigate this event in either scenario. You just have to react accordingly. You can expect an exciting day.

Taurus: Hello Taurus. Today is a day that your health is a primary focus for you. To be perfectly honest, there is a chance that a lot of Taureans will be catching a bug right about now, but it doesn’t seem like it will be sticking around for too long. Conversely, this could manifest as a major focus on health practices, and you will find that working out and eating healthy foods seems a lot more doable right about now. For another group of Taureans, the focus will be less about health, and more about work. If this is the case, then you can expect to be quite busy on the job. This is a time to take initiative in matters related to health and work.

Gemini: You may find that right now your impulses are strong, and your desire to be creative is at the forefront of your mind. This is a time that can be used to create something lasting and meaningful. For some of you this will be the ability to produce a substantial amount of quality artistic work—whatever your artistic craft is. For others, the drive is related to creating a form of self-employment. And for another group of Geminians out there, the focus is going to be about their children, and possibly on creating more children. This is a time to channel your energy on something creative, whatever that may be for you.

Cancer: Home is of major importance for you right now Cancer. There may be an event taking place in your career which affects your home life. You may have a project at work that is taking you away from your home. Conversely, you may be able to do some of your work from the home. This may be linked to an event involving your children. Maybe you have to change your schedule at work so you can stay home more with your child. However this unfolds for you, there will be a noticeable link between your work and home life.

Leo: How is your relationship with your neighbors Leo? Some Leos will be experiencing a conflict with a neighbor sometime in the near future, which will likely be related to the appearance of their home. It may be a good time to make sure your yard is in neat order, and your music isn’t playing too loudly. For other Leos, there may be a dispute with a sibling or extended family member that shows up. This could be involving an event related to your parents. It is also likely that you will be focused on learning a new skill, or polishing an existing skill. Make sure that you aren’t ignoring your family because of a tunnel-vision focus on education. It may also be wise to avoid talking about religion, or politics with a neighbor, or family member for the time being—right now you stand the chance of putting your foot in your mouth.

Virgo: Now is a time that you might see a connection taking place between education and money. You may be finding out that you were approved for a scholarship, or a student loan. You also might find that you were approved for a travel visa, if you’ve been planning an extended trip. For some of you the news might now be quite as positive, and you may encounter a dispute with a sibling in regards to an inheritance or trust fund. Watch out for ways that higher minded activities (travel, education, religion, philosophy) become intertwined with your finances. It will be important to avoid reacting impulsively in whatever situation presents itself.

Libra: If things between you and a romantic or business partner have been at all confusing, then now is finally a time that you will start to see things clearly. It likely that you will feel like you finally can see a partner for who they really are. If you or your partner were trying to keep any secrets, then they will come to light now. Some Librans will have difficulty controlling their tempers right about now, so it will be important to remember to stay calm and breath. This is also a time in which there is an increased likelihood for making mistakes that result in injury, so just pay attention to your surrounding and try not to bump you head!

Scorpio: Right now it is important to watch out for your health, because the chance of sickness is increased for you at the moment—I recommend scheduling a Doctor’s appointment for sometime in the near future. This is also not the time to put your trust in people that you are not ABSOLUTELY sure deserve it, because you may encounter people trying to take advantage of you. For some of you this could indicate that you are considering doing something less than ethical, and I would highly advise against this, because there will without a doubt be negative repercussions for any such actions. Right now is a period that should be spent improving your karma, by being the most upstanding individual you can be. Spend time with those that have proven themselves time and time again to be trustworthy, because those relationships will be your path to happiness.

Sagittarius: Mars is entering the part of your sky that represents social causes; friends; and ambitions. Some of you may find your energy directed towards a goal that you have been working towards for a while. Others will see attention going towards their friendships. Depending on your unique birth chart, it could be a conflict with a friend; a drive to be social; or possibly a friendship becoming romantic. There is a chance that you may encounter some new information about a friend that was previously kept secret. If you are connected with a social cause, then today could be a day of great progress. Focus your energy and passion on getting your message out to the world, and avoid getting wrapped up in drama surrounding a friendship.

Capricorn: Many Capricorns have spent a lot of time and energy on expanding their knowledge base over the last few months, and now is the time that you should share what you’ve learned with the public. If you have been developing a skill in hopes of making a career out of it, then now is the time to start making career moves. You may be forced to demonstrate your learning to a person of authority. Other Capricorns may experience an increased work load, which may affect their home life. You need to be ready to work a lot on your career right now Capricorn, even if it means spending less time in the comfort of your home. Try to avoid confrontations with people in authority for the time being, because they almost certainly will have the upper hand.  

Aquarius: Be ready for an adventure Aquarius. The sky is shifting in a way that is going to focus your energy on spreading your knowledge, and speaking to the world on a bigger platform. You likely will be learning a lot over the next couple of months that prepares you for your career. Some Aquarians will be embarking on a business trip to a faraway land. If you have been working on a written piece of work, this may be the time that you get it published. Above all focus your energy on gaining wisdom, because it will help you fulfill your calling.

Pisces: Right now is a time in which you may be seeing your finances and your partner’s finances merging. This could be a time when the two of you decide to get a joint bank account. Other Pisceans will be receiving financial support from their partner. This may be the time to start applying for student loans and scholarships, if you are planning on attending school in the near future. If you have interested in traveling to a foreign country, then it is time to start saving money for such a trip. Your energy is best spent thinking of ways to generate finances right now Pisces, because you may have some pretty exciting opportunities coming up that will require a bit of savings.

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Your Astrologer,

Taylor Kohl