Daily Horoscope 11/14/2015--Love and Support

Hello Friends,

Before I begin the daily horoscope, I would just like to say that my love and positive thoughts are going to France right now. Today’s Sky is actually filled with a great amount of support and unconditional love, so I believe many of us are sending support to France as well. We currently have a conversation taking place in the cosmos called a “triangle of potential.” This interaction is taking place between Venus; Saturn; and the dwarf planet Ceres. Venus represents desires; Saturn represent discipline and authority; and Ceres represents unconditional love. These three heavenly bodies are interacting in a manner that expresses that on a collective level we will be using our love and support to create a restored sense of structure. On an individual level, we likely will be seeing opportunities presented that will allow us to bring form to our desires. The Moon is also shifting into the sign of Capricorn today, which will be telling us to get back to work. This likely will manifest as a subtle reminder that there is work to be done. The events taking place today will impact each Sign differently. I recommend reading the section for your Rising Sign. If you don’t know your Rising Sign, then I encourage you to find out by clicking here and calculating your free birth chart. Otherwise, just read the section for your Sun Sign.


Aries: Many Aries are learning lessons through activities of the higher mind(school/philosophy/travel), and will find that other people are able to offer a great deal of wisdom regarding such matters. Many Aries will be connecting with Social Causes.

Taurus: The Sky has been pressuring many Taureans to consider their financial future. Many of you will begin to see that the first step towards gaining wealth is to find a sense of joy in your work. You may have career opportunities at your fingertips that will help you live a happier life, while maintaining a happier bank account.

Gemini: Shared beliefs and Romantic inclinations lead to greater stability in your relationships. If you are single, then there is a possibility of connecting with someone from a foreign land. This may be the time to consider savings and investments.

Cancer: Work seems easier when you remember what you are working for. Keep a mental inventory of your desires, and focus on them when the job seems draining. You are working towards your future. Connecting with someone you are close to will help you remain focused.

Leo: Romance is alive for you Leo. Loving words and time spent with your partner will bring you greater joy, and a more stable relationship. Now is the time to remember what you love about your partner on a mental level—make a list of all of things you appreciate about them. If you are single, then it is time to go out and connect with people in your neighborhood.

Virgo: Is something about your home driving you crazy Virgo? If so, then it is time to remember what you love about your job, because you may have to work a lot to pay for the changes you desire on the home front. Start visualizing the changes you plan on making, and the work will seem less tedious.

Libra: If you are in any way self-employed, then now is the time that you can use your charm to make the sale. If you are an Artist, then you likely will feel quite inspired right about now. Now is also a great time to be flirting and going on dates, so get out and mingle!

Scorpio: Now is the time for quiet contemplation. It is a good time for you to come up with a clear and realistic financial plan. You may be a be able to come up with a new outlook on money. If you have been irresponsible with your money, then now is a time consider the root cause of such behavior, and to develop a healthier attachment with your resources.

Sagittarius: It is time to learn new ways of fulfilling your dreams. Learn from those who have successfully achieved what you are working towards, and take notes! You can learn a lot from others right now. Focus on your goals, and use your passion to fuel your efforts.

Capricorn: Be on your best behavior Capricorn, because someone in authority is watching you, even when you think that your actions are going unnoticed. If you do the right thing and work your hardest, then you will find your efforts greatly rewarded.

Aquarius: Show the world that you care. You are known as aloof and detached, but that is not true Aquarius, is it? Deep down you know you’re a softy, whether you like to admit it or not. Now is the Time to offer your love and support to those who need it—even if it is just in spirit.

Pisces: Working hard and being flexible is your best course of action right now Pisces. The next couple of years are telling you to focus on your calling, and now is a time in which your efforts can start paying off. It is likely that someone in authority is taking notice of your efforts. Keep up the good work.

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Your Astrologer,

Taylor Kohl