Saturn Square Neptune

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As promised, today I am going to speak of the rare and powerful Conversation between Saturn and Neptune that is currently building in strength. Saturn is the planet of obstacles; setbacks; and discipline, and reminds us that anything worth having is worth working for. Neptune in some ways has the exact opposite energy, and tells us to envision; imagine; and merge with the collective. Neptune frequently blurs reality, and is associated with illusion and mystery. The type of conversation that these two planets are engaging in is one of tension, and pressure. This is a reality check— big time. Saturn and Neptune will not entirely finish this interaction until around November of 2016, and for much of the time Jupiter will also be engaged—I will be writing about that extensively in another post. Collectively, this conversation will likely involve major secrets and cover-ups coming to light. We will be pulling the wool from our eyes. This is usually a time when corrupt leaders are forced to take responsibility for their wrongdoings, and have to face the consequences for their actions. On an individual level, this conversation is one that says “GET REAL,” and forces us to see where we may have been deceiving ourselves. If we focus on being productive this can be a time in which we can make great strides towards making our dreams become reality. If we ignore our self-sabotaging tendencies, this is a time when the consequences of our actions are forced upon us. This article is not meant to scare you, but rather to inform you that now is a time to work hard if you want your dreams to come true. This is not a time for day dreaming about your future; this is a time to build your future. As always, this conversation will impact each sign differently. I recommend reading the section for your Rising Sign. If you do not know your Rising Sign, then I encourage you to click here to calculate your free birth chart. Otherwise, just read the section for your Sun Sign. Enjoy!

Aries: This next year may be a time in which you feel called—pressured even—to engage in activities of the higher mind. This can manifest as a sense of knowing that you have to go on a spiritual journey, even if it requires you to let go of your status and much of your social circle. You may feel called to go out and travel the world in order to gain clarity and a sense of purpose. Others may seek higher education during this time—if that is the case then make sure your motivation is centered around gaining wisdom, rather than simply advancing in your career. This is an amazing opportunity for you to learn a lot, but it will be wise for you to remember to fulfill your responsibilities. I also would HIGHLY advise that you avoid any trouble with the law over the next year.

Taurus: Over the next year you are going to be learning a lesson about saving for your future. It is likely that you have a big vision for your future, and now you will be forced to consider how your finances contribute to making that vision a reality. A lot of Taureans will find that they need to save a lot of their money in order to fund their goals. It is also a possibility that you have to consider applying for funding for a career-related project. And still another group of Taureans are going to realize that in order to make their dreams come true, they will need to get funding to go back to school. The reality is that making a dream come true frequently costs a great deal of money.

Gemini: The next year will teach you about business matters. You likely have been envisioning a career path for yourself Gemini, but may not have known how to make you vision a reality. The conversation between Saturn and Neptune is indicating that other people will likely be able to show you a clearer path towards business success. You will need to work hard, and take note of what is bringing other people success. It is no longer acceptable for you to imagine fulfilling your life purpose-- it is time to actually make it happen. You will need to work hard; do a lot of research; and seek out useful business contacts if you want to succeed, otherwise you will get lost in a state of Neptunian Fog.

Cancer: You may be engaged in a shift in your belief system Cancer, which is making you question many aspects of your life. The aspect between Saturn and Neptune is asking you to consider if your work and lifestyle are in line with your new outlook on life. Many of you may find that this next year sets you on a new career path. For a small percentage of you, this year may include a health or work struggle that makes you question your faith—but if this is the case, then it may be better to turn to your faith rather than reject it. The overall lesson for you Cancer will be to make sure that you are practicing what you preach, and living in line with your spiritual/philosophical beliefs.

Leo: Saturn and Neptune’s cosmic conversation will likely represent the need to focus on saving your money. You may realize the need to spend less on pleasure, so that you can save for your future. This may also represent the need to save money in order to have a child. It is also likely that some Leos will have to take a serious look at the ways in which the activities they do for pleasure are impacting their health and relationships.

Virgo: Many Virgos may have been viewing their relationships through rose-colored glasses. If that is the case for you, then the next year will serve as a wake-up call. It is likely that many of your will face obstacles related to your home, which make you review your relationship. This does not mean that the relationship can’t work; it simply means that the two of you will have to try and meet in the middle in matters related to the home. You also may want to consider the ways in which your parents’ relationship has impacted your relationships. If you see some unhealthy parallels taking place, then now will be the time to make changes.

Libra: Are you considering moving Libra? This year is going to feature a lot of Librans relocating for works. Many Librans will be looking at their current work situation honestly, and realize that they will have greater opportunities elsewhere. Other Librans won’t necessarily be moving, but will rather realize that they need to further develop their skills in order to see benefits in their work. And still another group of Librans will realize the need to take their health more seriously, and will begin learning new ways to live a happy and healthy life.

Scorpio: Now is the time to take your finances seriously Scorpio. If you have been spending frivolously for pleasure, then the next year will be a reminder to handle your money responsibly. This can also be a time to consider starting a business involving one of your creative talents. If this is how it plays out for you, then you will need to be very disciplined with your finances, because the money isn’t going to start rolling in right away. Lastly, this is also a time that you may have to lay down the law if you’ve been loaning your children money.

Sagittarius: This year is going to be an interesting change for the usually exuberant Sagittarius, as there is going to be a strong sense of discipline and responsibility thrust upon you. You will likely find that this year is one of examining some of your deeply ingrained traits that were taught to you by your parents. You are realizing that you may have developed dome of your parent’s bad behavior, and this is going to be a year to address this issue. If you have elderly parents, or parents who are in need of medical assistance, then this year may be a year that you start contributing to their care. If you decide to take on the challenges presented to you, then this year will make you a better and more responsible person, and will strengthen your ability to overcome obstacles.

Capricorn: This is a year in which you may decide to stop allowing people to take advantage you. A sibling; neighbor; or extended family member has likely been ignoring your boundaries, and now is the time to say “ENOUGH!” You are ready to stand up for yourself now, and by doing so you will likely see your finances improve in some way. This will also be a year that many Capricorns decide to address some of their own self sabotaging behavior, which will likely result in them making big life changes—possibly moving or going back to school. Above all, this is a time to pay attention to the ways in which you, or other people, are holding back from you highest potential.

Aquarius: You have been making some pretty interesting financial decisions Aquarius, haven’t you? You likely have been spending a lot of money in hopes of making your dreams come true. Now is going to be a wakeup call in which you realize that you have to put a cap on your spending. You can achieve your goals, but you have to go about in an intelligent manner. Another group of Aquarians may have been spending a lot of money on their friends, and are realizing that this has to stop. You can have friends without going bankrupt Aquarius. Bottom line, this next year is going to require you to keep a tight budget.

Pisces: Part of your charm is your dreamy quality Pisces, but this year is going to teach you the importance of living in reality. You may face obstacles in your career, which serves as a reminder to take your life seriously. You will need to stay focused, and take control of any self-sabotaging behaviors that you exhibit. Some Pisceans may get a wake-up call from a person in authority, which forces them to take an honest look at themselves. If you stay focused on achieving success, then this year can be an excellent opportunity for you to make big moves in the direction of your life purpose.

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