Daily Horoscope 11/18/2015--Free to Imagine

Good Morning Friends,

Neptune is moving forward today! This planet has been moving backwards in the Sky for the last 5 months. When a planet moves backwards, we begin to feel its effects on more of an internal and reflective level. Neptune represents imagination, and tells us not to get bogged down by the details. So, while he was moving backwards, we were being called to look over the areas of life that we may have been deceiving ourselves—we had to reflect over where we had lost touch with reality. Neptune goes retrograde every single year, and this marks a time in which we have an opportunity to refine our dreams. Once Neptune goes direct we have a greater understanding of how to make our dream a reality, and we are able to start using our imaginations again. With Neptune going direct today, it is time to call on your higher vision yet again, and image your ideal life. This is a particularly blessed occasion, because right now we have Saturn speaking with Neptune, which will help ensure that we don’t lose sight of reality during this process. Neptune is telling that it is ok to dream big, while Saturn is showing how to make those dreams come true.

This will impact sign differently, so I advise playing closest attention to the section for you Rising Sign. If you do not know your Rising Sign, then I encourage you to click here to calculate your free Birth Chart. Enjoy!

Aries: Over the last 5 months, Neptune has been showing you where you have been causing problems for yourself. You may have been called to take notice of escapist; addictive; and out-of-touch behaviors you were exhibiting. You also may have been forced to see clearly where someone who you thought was your friend, was really causing you harm. Essentially, you were being called to see life clearly. Now that Neptune is direct, you are able to start tapping into your imaginative qualities again. This Neptune cycle also has been, and will continue to teach you how much service is healthy for you to give.

Taurus: While Neptune was retrograde, you were being called to take your life-goals seriously. You may have realized that your dreams will not materialize without a good dose of work on your part. This was a time of seeing the Hopes you have for your life through a clearer lens. This also was a period of time where you also were being called to take an honest look at the people you call your friends. You likely were seeing that behind their glamorous exterior, many of your friends lacked substance. Now That Neptune is direct again, you will be able to start dreaming big again, but with an added does of clarity. You may find that now you are a better judge of character where your friends are concerned.

Gemini: Since June, you have been undergoing a reality check where career matters are concerned. You were seeing the ways that you were preventing the career success that you desire. Many of you likely made some work changes as a result of this new found clarity. Now that Neptune is direct, it is time to begin working towards your ideal career once again. Don’t forget the valuable lessons you have learned about work, but also allow yourself to dream big. Saturn speaking with Neptune is calling you to take the structured path towards fulfilling your dreams.  

Cancer: Neptune’s retrograde was asking you to question your beliefs. Many of you were no longer identifying with long-held religious/spiritual/or philosophical ideas, and began a journey to seek out new information. Now that Neptune is direct, you will be able to connect with what you’ve learned on a deeper level. You will still be seeking wisdom, but there will be less questioning and more believing.

Leo: The last few months has been bringing to light some of your personal demons. You may have become aware of matters that are controlling you. A lot been learning to set clearer boundaries for yourself, or for the people you associate with. Others have been learning to view joint resources in a different way. Shared finances can frequently be a source of power struggles, and this is something you have been aware of lately. You have likely made a lot strides towards facing some of your fears, and now it will be important to remember to continue to do this.  

Virgo: No one has been letting you get away with anything lately Virgo. Other people were teaching you valuable lessons about seeing reality over the last few months, and were likely calling you out on any self-sabotaging behavior you were exhibiting.  You also were learning important lessons about relationships over these last five months. Some of you were seeing your partner through a clearer lens, which may have shifted your idea of them. Overall this has been a lesson of learning the meaning of a healthy relationship. Now that Neptune is direct, it will be important for you to continue to live without rose-colored-glasses in the context of your partnerships.

Libra: Since June you have been gaining clarity about matters related to work and health. Some of you were realizing that you were not appreciated enough for your work. Others were made aware of the fact that their current position is not serving their long-term goals. This was a period of seeing the job for what it really is. With Neptune going direct, now is the time to start envisioning a better job for yourself. Other’s may have experienced this event more related to their health. If that is the case, it is likely that you began seeing the ways that you were not treating your body with enough care. It will be important to continue to have a clear perspective on the meaning of a healthy lifestyle.

Scorpio: Over the last 5 months you have been learning lessons related to the activities you do for pleasure. It is likely that you began seeing that your idea of fun may not be serving you. Others Scorpios may have had to come to terms with matters related to their children. Have you had to restructure your relationship with your kids in order to make it stronger? Another group of Scorpios have been gaining perspective on their creativity, by restructuring the way that they express themselves. With Neptune going direct, you will need to remember the lessons you’ve learned, while still imagining ways to create further improvements to these areas of life.

Sagittarius: Neptune’s retrograde has been showing you clearly the ways that your childhood and parents have impacted you at your core. You may have been coming to terms with the fact that your parents’ traits are within you. Some Sagittarians have been realizing that they cannot change their parents, and have been learning to accept them for who they are. This has overall been a time of realizing that your roots are what hold you up. Now that Neptune is going direct, you have to remember the lessons you’ve learned.

Capricorn: While Neptune was Retrograde, you were likely beginning to see the ways that a sibling/neighbor/or extended family member was taking advantage of you. If this is the case, then you have been learning valuable lessons about needing to set boundaries with such people. This also has been a time calling you to take an honest look at where your thinking may not have been entirely logical. You have gained a dose of mental clarity. Now that Neptune is Direct it is going to be a time to make sure that you are maintaining the new boundaries that you have set with siblings/neighbors/ and friends. You also will need to make sure that you continue to actively practicing critical thinking.

Aquarius: A lot of lessons about money have been learned in the last 5 months for you Aquarius. Many of you were seeing the ways that you were not responsible with your money, or the ways that you were not being proactive enough with your financial goals. You likely have a new appreciation for saving and budgeting. Now that Neptune is Direct, it is a good time to start envisioning your next big financial goal, while still remembering the lessons you learned about practical spending.

Pisces: You have been experiencing Neptune’s effects more than any other sign, as Neptune is currently in Pisces. Over the last 5 months, many Pisceans were made to look at some of their unrealistic ideas about life. You may have realized some addictive; escapist; or self-sabotaging patterns that you exhibit. Now that Neptune is direct, you MUST remember not to fall back into those harmful patterns. Luckily, Saturn is speaking with Neptune, which may make it a bit easier to remember the importance of staying disciplined. This is a time that any mind-altering substances should be avoided as much as possible, because you are likely more susceptible to addiction right about now. Focus on connecting to a sense of purpose, and turn to that when you feel that you are being pulled off track.

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