Daily Horoscope 11/27/2015--Mental Clarity

Good Morning Friends,

Many of us have been experiencing strong mental blockages lately. Confusion and restriction have been major themes playing out in the sky over the last couple of days. This feeling is beginning to fade today, and we will be experiencing a bit more clarity of mind. Mercury is moving away from the conversation between Saturn and Neptune, which is representative of the increased ability to focus and communicate that we will be feeling. On a collective level, we will start to see decisions being made, regarding issues that seemed to have no clear answers before. Because Mercury is currently in Sagittarius, we will now see start to see filters breaking down, and it will be important for us to remember to monitor what we are saying. We also have the Moon entering Cancer today, which is a very comfortable sign for her. We are best able to tap into our emotional nature when the Moon is Cancer. This is a time that will require us to all to find a way to merge our emotional need for security, with our desire for adventure and growth. 

As always, the sky will speak to each sign differently, so I recommend paying closest attention to the section for your Rising Sign. If you don’t know your Rising Sign, then I encourage you to click here to calculate your free Birth Chart. Otherwise, just read the section for your Sun Sign. Enjoy!

Aries: Today gives you a clear focus on matters related to the higher mind, such as higher education; religion; or travel. Many Aries will be desiring travel, but at the same time want nothing more to be home. Expanding your mind from home will give you the best of both worlds.

Taurus: Mental clarity regarding your finances is emerging for you. This will be a time to think long term in all financial matters. Avoid spending too much on credit. Today is a day of thinking, and of planning for your future. 

Gemini: Many Geminis have felt controlled by their relationship lately. This feeling will be subsiding now, and a state of calm may be reentering your relationship. There will likely be a connection between someone you are close to and your finances—pay attention to this, and make sure this connection is positive for you. 

Cancer: You may be wearing your emotions on your sleeve today, but this is actually when you feel most like yourself. Make sure that your emotions aren’t impacting your ability to focus at work. If you can keep your feelings and your work separate, you will find an increased level of clarity regarding your professional life.

Leo: Many Leos have been very serious recently, and now you may see that joy is coming back to you. This is a time to try and have fun. Part of you however just wants to be left alone in a calm environment. Find a way to get some alone time, but have fun in the process. 

Virgo: You may have been distracted form work that you want to do around the home, but now you will have the time get some work done. This is a time that can be spent getting your home in order, and getting your inner self in a state of relaxation.  At the same time part of you wants to reach out to friends. You may want to invite a friend over to your home, or connect with a friend online. 

Libra: Mental clarity is growing for you Libra, and it is time to start learning more and speaking your mind. You have a lot to say, and it is going to seem increasing urgent for you to voice your thoughts. You are thinking big picture in your career, and it will serve you to really think your professional life over. 

Scorpio: Your finances are highlighted today. Some of you may be experiencing a stronger desire to spend your money right now. It is important to be thinking about your financial future, and know that money is going to be earned through hard work for you over the next year. Spend wisely. 

Sagittarius: You may be a bit more opinionated right now, and you will love speaking your mind. You also may find that you are very concerned with joint resources. This is a time to communicate about any joint financial ventures you are considering. 

Capricorn: Your focus should be on solitude and self-analysis, but a part of you is wanting to be with another person. This may be the time to seek someone who would be interested in meditating with you. You may also find that it is easier to talk over matters that you usually keep private. 

Aquarius: Today is a day to spend communicating with many people. Getting your message out there will benefit you greatly. There is also a focus on work matters, so you may find you are communicating your message with co-workers. 

Pisces: Interactions with authority figures may become easier for you now. This is a time to be focused on your career. At the same time, you are focused on the joy in your life. It may be time to start thinking about the ways you can start doing work that you love. 

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You Astrologer,

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