Party In Virgo

Are you being productive? This is the most important question to ask yourself today. We currently have 4 planets gathering in the sign of Virgo, demanding that we work hard and efficiently. If you have been putting off an important task, or know that you need to do some chores around the house, then you can get a lot accomplished right about now. I recommend creating a To-Do List, so that you can fully harness this energy. The current Party in Virgo will affect each of us differently depending on our unique Birth Charts. I will give a brief overview of how each Sign can benefit from this energy. If you know your Rising Sign, then read the description I offer for that sign. If you would like to find out your rising sign, then click here to calculate your free birth chart. Otherwise, just read the description for your Sun sign. 

Aries: Today is perfect for working on your health routine and daily chores. This party in Virgo is giving you the opportunity to take charge of the parts of your life that may not be fun, but are necessary for a healthy and happy life. Its a great day to go for a walk and/or create a to-do list.

Taurus: The sky is quite romantic for you today Taurus. Today is a day to spend with that special someone. If you are newly dating someone, today might be a perfect opportunity to make things official.

Gemini: It looks like you may have a lot of work to do around the house Gemini. The Cosmos is giving you an added burst of energy that you can apply to getting your Home in order. Many Geminians are changing homes right now, so today is excellent if you still have some unpacking to do.

Cancer: Hello Cancer:) Today is about learning for you. If you are working on any project that requires a lot of writing or research, then you can get a lot accomplished today. Otherwise today can be a great day to do some research that will help develop a work-related skill.

Leo: What does your budget look like right now Leo? If you are not entirely sure how to answer that question, then today can be an excellent day to get your finances in order. You might want to consider creating a written budget.

Virgo: The party is happening in your sign! Today is a day in which you are able to get yourself in order. This kind of sky is an indication that you may be focused on perfecting your physical appearance-- however you define perfection-- or you may be focused on refining your personality. Today is an excellent opportunity to do some work on yourself, and on how you are relating to others.

Libra: Today's sky seems somewhat quiet for you, but it is strongly affecting you on hidden levels. You would benefit from paying attention to your dreams, because your subconscious might have a lot to tell you right about now. I would also strongly advise against going on a shopping spree at the moment. 

Scorpio: Are you surrounded by friends? You should be, because if you stay focused and driven you will be able to accomplish a lot with the help of your friends. For some of you, this might be a good time to consider going into business with a friend.

Sagittarius: You have a lot of career opportunities in the air right now Sagittarius! Today is a great day to send out some job applications, or to finish filling out your new-hire paperwork. Get the boring stuff out of the way now, so that when the time comes you will be ready for action.

Capricorn: Are you clear on your Beliefs Capricorn? Today is a good opportunity to start planning something that will help you find clarity where it comes to your belief system. This can happen in many different ways. Some people connect with their belief system by going to church; some by going back to school; and some by traveling to places that expand their awareness. Start thinking about ways that you can do this.

Aquarius: Today is giving you the opportunity to think big picture about your finances. For some of you this may speak of a need to start a retirement fund; others may want to start a savings account; still others may need to start thinking of ways to generate a source of passive income. Think outside of the box where your money is concerned, and remember that money can come from sources other that a typical 9 to 5 job. 

Pisces: The party happening in Virgo is indicating that other people may be in some way able to help you get organized. You may receive good advice form someone you are close to. Conversely, you may see an example of exactly how you do NOT want to be. Either way, other people can act as a great resource for you right about now.

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Best Wishes,

Taylor Kohl