Overflowing Creativity

Hello fellow Stargazers,

Today's sky is filled with creativity! The ability to imagine is strongly heightened right now, and it is each of our jobs to tap into this energy while it lasts. There is currently a very flowing interaction taking place in the cosmos between Mercury and Neptune. Mercury is the planet of communication and thought, while Neptune is the Planet of Imagination and glamour. When these two planets have this type of interaction--which usually happens only twice every year-- our minds overflow with creativity. This Cosmic event is great for imaginative activities, but sometimes can make us see things how we wish them to be rather than how they truly are. As long as we are making sure to stay grounded in reality, we can benefit strongly from what is happening in the Sky right now. Of course, this celestial event will affect each sign differently, but on a global level we can expect some very inspiring works of art to be showing up right about now. I encourage you all to read the following interpretation for your rising sign. If you do not know your rising sign, then click here to calculate your free birth chart. Otherwise, just read the description for your Sun Sign.

Aries: Things might get a bit dark for you Aries. This celestial event is taking place in parts of sky that for you are related to mystery and trauma. If you use this energy well you could find yourself writing or creating art that can help you to heal past wounds.

Taurus: Mercury and Neptune are highlighting the social areas of your sky right now Taurus. If you have secret romantic feelings for a friend, this may be a good time to voice them. However, I will warn you that this is NOT the time to be loaning your friends money, because you might not get it back.

Gemini: If your work in any way requires creativity, then you better get to work immediately. The events taking place in the sky right now are highly supportive for creating art that will benefit your career. You also may want to create a business plan if you are self-employed, because you may find that you are especially able to put your dreams in order right now.

Cancer: Creative writing is very supported for Cancers this week, so I would highly recommend grabbing a pen an some paper and letting your creativity flow. If you are a writer by trade, this celestial event could help you get your material published.

Leo: The events taking place in the sky indicate that you could benefit from some deep soul searching. You may find that you can learn a lot about yourself through doing a free write or journaling. That being said, I will warn you that you some old wounds from your past may be ready to come to light.

Virgo: If there is anything unclear happening in one of your relationships, this is the perfect time confront the issue head on by having an open dialogue. Be upfront, because the truth will set you free. Conversely, some Virgos may be encountering a hidden admirer over the next few days.

Libra: Now is the time to start thinking of creative ways of increasing your income. You may find that using your imagination is the missing component where your finances are concerned. You might be well served by implementing the law attraction over the next few days. 

Scorpio: The sky is trying very hard right now to make you utilize your artistic talents. You are currently more supported than any other sign where it comes to activities that require imagination and creativity. Painting; drawing; writing-- you name it.

Sagittarius: Like Aries and Leo, you will feel this cosmic event in less of an artistic way than the other signs. The sky is more so trying to connect you with childhood hurts, so that you can deal with them and heal. You may however benefit from keeping a dream journal, and using your interpretive abilities to understand what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you. 

Capricorn: Right now is a time to be getting your message to the world. You have a strong ability to communicate to large groups of people over the next few days. If you are in any way involved in marketing, this can be a very successful time for you.

Aquarius: If you are in sales, or are trying to market a product or service, then the cosmos is telling you to get creative with these projects. Thinking outside-of-the-box will help you with financial and career related matters right now.  Put yourself out there for the world to see.

Pisces: Are you connected with your spirituality? The sky is speaking to you in a highly spiritual and philosophical manner right now. It is time to explore some of the bigger questions in life. You may also be receiving some useful advice from a very wise individual over the next few days.

I hope you all enjoyed reading! If you are interested in more in-depth and personalized information you may want to consider a private consultation. For more information on consultations click here.

Thanks for reading,

Taylor Kohl