Desire plus Discipline

Good Morning Friends,

What do you really want? This is an important question to ponder right now. Today's sky suggests that we will be experiencing a heightened sense of desire, but we will have a clear and disciplined approach to getting whatever it is that we want. Early this morning the Moon met with Venus, and then entered the sign of Libra. Venus is the Planet of desire, while the Moon represents comfort. This event alone would indicate a strong sense of desire, but this conversation is heightened further by the fact that the Moon and Venus are gathered near the North Node at the Moment. The North Node is a point in the Sky that expands whatever it touches and manifests things into the material world. In other words, the North Node is expanding the already heightened sense of desire that we are feeling on a collective level.  Normally I would see this as an indication for overindulgence, however this time is different because Saturn (the planet of discipline and structure) is also involved in this Interaction. This is giving us an understanding about the best course of action we can take to reach our goals. This event will speak to each sign differently, so I recommend reading the description for your Rising Sign. If you do not know your Rising Sign then I encourage you to click here to calculate your free birth chart. Otherwise just read the section for your Sun Sign. Enjoy!

Aries: Right now many Aries will be feeling a strong urge to spend time with their significant other. If you are single, then you probably are feeling a desire to enter into a relationship. For others of you this could manifest as a desire to pair up with someone on a business level. Either way, you are likeliest to encounter a potential partner--romantic or business-- in a location related to higher education; religion; or travel.

Taurus: Hello Taurus! Right now you have a strong focus on health,  and you likely are trying to get in better shape. The best way for you to go about this right now is to find a support system, because other people will be able to help keep you motivated. This may manifest as you seeking out a personal trainer, or you may simply want to go for walks around the neighborhood with a friend.

Gemini: There is a strong likelihood that things are about to get quite romantic for you over the next few days Gemini! You may find that your partner is showering you with gifts and affection. Some of you may be feeling so romantically inclined that you consider starting a family with your significant other. Be advised that you are particularly fertile over the next month.

Cancer: Home is where the Heart is Cancer. Some of you may encounter an opportunity that allows you to do some of your work from home. A number of you may find that you Partner's finances increase, which will allow you to spend more time at home with your family.

Leo: Right now learning is a major focus for you. You may find that you are having to touch up on a career related skill, but you will enjoy the process. The knowledge that you learn now may benefit your career by helping you impress a business partner or superior.

Virgo: The parts of your chart related to money, home, and your parents are highlighted right now Virgo. This can play out as you receiving money from a relative. If you have a trust fund or receive income from a deceased relative's estate, then you may have money headed your way. For others this could indicate that you will be buying or selling real estate. Still others will be spending money to improve or decorate the home.

Libra: You have a special sparkle about you at the moment Libra, which will last over the next month. People in authority will take notice of your increased charm and charisma, which will have a positive effect on you professionally. If you work in sales or trade, then today should be the beginning of a very successful month for you.

Scorpio: The sky is speaking to you in a way that indicates that behind-the-scenes business activities can be lucrative for you. Income earned through activities that are not scene by the public may appear in your life. If you work in a hospital or prison, then you may see a financial boost. You may also want to consider selling products online,  as this sort anonymous sales structure is supported.

Sagittarius: You are figuring out your calling right now Sagittarius, and your major desire is to connect with a big-picture goal. Luckily, Saturn is giving you added discipline, which will help you bring your dreams into reality. You likely will see new developments in the workplace that improve your finances.

Capricorn: Unexpected support is headed your way Capricorn. Right now it really pays off to do the right thing even when you think no one is looking, because karma will take note of this and reward you considerably. These rewards will likely be related to you career and life purpose. Right now is a time to be focusing on your career goals, and making sure to be the best person you can be. 

Aquarius: Right now you are trying your hardest to get your message out to a large audience,  as a way of achieving your life goals. This is a time that is supportive of marketing, publishing, and sharing a message of substance to the world. Speak your truth and the rewards will follow.

Pisces: If you are hoping for a bonus; commission check; or social security payment, then this may be a time that the money starts coming in. Any money that is separate from your regular paycheck may materialize for you. Some of you may see your partner's (romantic or business) finances improve, which will in some way benefit you. 

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Taylor Kohl