Venus Changes Signs!

Good morning friends,

Today we are experiencing a very positive shift in the cosmos. Venus is entering Libra, after her month-long stay in the sign of Virgo. This should represent a sigh of relief on a collective level. Venus is at home in Libra, and can better express her true nature of love, beauty and harmony. While Venus was in Virgo many of us were so concerned with the details and practicality of any given situation, that we we were not able to enjoy life to its fullest. This is no longer the case, and I expect that life is going to seem a lot more fun for many of us right about now. On a collective level, our hearts are going to start opening up to the idea of love and we should expect romance to be in air. As much as Venus in Libra represents joy and love, she also requires diplomacy and fairness. This is a time to ask yourself where in life you could be a more fair and balanced individual. Venus is asking us to relate to others as equals in every way. As always, today's sky will relate to each sign differently, so I encourage you to read the section for your Rising Sign. If you don't know your Rising Sign, then you can click here to calculate your free Birth Chart. Otherwise, just read the section for your Sun Sign. Enjoy!

Aries: Love is VERY much a focus for your sign in particular Aries, and this focus will last for almost a month. If you are in a relationship, then you can expect your partner to be very romantic, and likely showering you with gifts. If you are single and looking for love, then this month will likely be the month that you enter into a relationship. Whether you are in a relationship or not, this month is a time to let the other person (partner or romantic interest) take the lead--and they WILL take the lead. Some of you may experience this as a business relationship forming rather than a romantic relationship-- so keep an eye out for significant partnerships of any kind presenting themselves.

Taurus: Are you crushing on a Co-Worker Taurus? This is a likely scenario for many Taureans right now, because Venus just entered the part of your sky that represents the work place. For some of you this Cosmic shift will play out in ways unrelated to love. Its is likely that many of you will find a love of working out, which will increase your self-esteem and body-image.

Gemini: Your sky is very Romantic right now Gemini. Many Geminis have been experiencing a heightened sense of commitment over the last few months, which can sometimes be a bit scary for the freedom-loving Gemini. However, right now is going to be a time that you realize that a loving relationship can be fun and exciting. Expect your relationship to be filled with a sense of pleasure and stability. For some of you, Venus' stay in Libra may send secret admirers your way.

Cancer: Do you like entertaining from the home Cancer? Now is the perfect time to entertain friends. The Cosmos is also very supportive of connecting with your friends online. If you do any business on the web, then right now you may find that social media is an incredibly valuable marketing tool.

Leo: As I mentioned in yesterday's horoscope, learning is a major focus for you right now. You will likely find a natural sense of curiosity come over you, and I advise that you run with it! If you are looking for a promotion, then you may want to consider updating your resume or touching up on some job-related skills. You may want to consider getting in contact with a sibling or neighbor, because these relationships may offer you valuable information right about now.

Virgo: Many Virgos are entering into a state of financial harmony, and are feeling at-peace with their bank accounts. You may want to consider doing a bit of work on your home to increase it's value. If you are considering going to school or are planning a major trip, this is the ideal time to start aligning your finances with such goals.

Libra: Could a Libra become any more charming? The answer is yes. Venus just entered your sign, which is making you seem extra appealing to others right now. Expect a lot of compliments on your appearance and social graces over the next month. You may find some positive financial opportunities headed your way, simply due to the fact that people want to give you things! This is also an excellent time to start thinking of ways to generate passive income.

Scorpio: Your finances may improve as a result of behind-the-scenes business activities. This may be a time that you decide to end a business or romantic relationship, and as a result you could see new opportunities where your money is concerned. To be honest Scorpio, this may not be the best moth for you romantically speaking, because you might find that your partner is keeping secrets from you. Don't be alarmed though, because next month you will have a clearer understanding of where the relationship stands.

Sagittarius: Right now is all about connecting with your goals, and interacting with the right people! You will find that the rewards from you hard work in your career are finally paying off! There is also a strong likelihood that you will be able to impress a person of authority at work, due to your discipline and strong work ethic.

Capricorn: Very positive career opportunities are possible for you right now Capricorn! You need to watch out for opportunities to impress people in authority, because acting on these opportunities could impact your career very positively. There is a chance that someone may be trying to make you look bad right now, but it is through taking the high road and demonstrating your talents that you will find success.

Aquarius: Right now is very supportive of getting your message to a larger audience. You may find that projects you have been working on for a while are finally catching people's attention. This next month also signifies a period of time in which you can receive a lot of valuable advice from people who have the proverbial "know how." If you are seeking romance, then you may encounter love from someone who in some way comes from a different cultural background.

Pisces: If you have been expecting a large payment, then right now may be the time that the money comes to you. If anyone owes you money, then you might want to remind them--because they may finally be able to pay you back. If you are looking for a new job, then you would be wise to consider a profession that pays commission, or pays you for each individual service. You might want to consider driving for Uber or Lyft.  In matters of love, it seems that right now you are looking for a deeper connection, and will not settle for a superficial relationship. If that is the case, then go with that impulse, because a deeper connection is definitely out there for you. 

Thank you all so much for reading, and I can't wait to connect with you again soon! If you like this post then I would greatly appreciate a comment/like/or share. If you are interested in more in-depth and personal information, then you may want to consider a private consultation.

Enjoy Venus in Libra,

Taylor Kohl