Finger of God

Good Morning Sky Watchers,

Today’s Sky is very active! We have multiple key interactions happening in the cosmos, so be prepared to start making big moves today! One of the most important planetary conversations—and most exciting—is between the Sun and Jupiter. I mentioned this briefly on my Facebook account yesterday. This conversation is indicating that each and every one of us should be looking for ways to shine our personal lights, and to express our talents to our fullest potential. This specific type of conversation indicates blessings, but is one that we must take action to benefit from. The level of help that this cosmic event gives you is dependent on the level of effort you are willing to put in.  The impact of this event is greatly heightened by the fact that both Jupiter and the Sun are speaking to Uranus in a type of conversation that astrologers call a “finger of god,” which denotes a sense of fate being at play. Many of us will be noticing unusual coincidences occurring, and there likely will be a sense of purpose in the air. All of these powerful astrological happenings will impact each sign differently. I recommend reading the section for your Rising Sign. If you do not know your Rising Sign, then click here to calculate you free birth chart. Otherwise just read the forecast for your Sun Sign. Enjoy!

Aries: Today’s events are speaking to you quite powerfully Aries! The Sky is aligned in a way that is indicating the potential for sudden and unexpected financial increase. You may find that an opportunity to make money from an artistic project presents itself. Others may find that opportunities to work in a health and fitness industry shows up right now. A small percentage of you may come into a large sum of money from an inheritance, or trust fund. Still more of you may become approved for a scholarship or education grant. The common thread is that financial information will likely surface which will change your perspective on work, and will allow you a greater sense of personal freedom. These events will allow you to expand your higher mind, and will increase your ability to be creative.

Taurus: So much romance is present in your chart Taurus, but part of you still has questions. Some of you may be considering moving in with your Partner, but are worried about finances. You may have difficulty fully trusting your partner. I would recommend waiting until the Sun enters Sagittarius on November 22nd before deciding whether or not to go into any venture requiring joint-finances. You will have gained a lot of clarity by then. Until that date just relax and enjoy spending time with your significant other.

Gemini: If ever there was a time to consider working from home it would be right now! The cosmos is incredibly supportive of an online business, and that is where you are likeliest to find success. You need to be on Social Media ASAP promoting whatever service you can offer. If working from home is not an option for you, then you may find that social media and/or blogging is beneficial for you in other ways. Reach out and connect with others.

Cancer: Many Cancers out there are ready for a career that gives them a greater sense of freedom, and the events taking place today may just present opportunities to make that happen. Many of you will be experiencing a very unexpected event taking place involving your career or a person in authority. This event could be very beneficial for you, but will require you to draw on your creative talents. Some of you may have to QUICKLY update a resume due to an unexpected interview situation. Others will have to suddenly demonstrate their learning of a particular work-related skill. For those of you have been considering getting a piece of your work published, then now is the time to take action to make that happen!  

Leo: The events taking place in the Sky are speaking to the parts of your Birth chart that are associated with your Money; Home; and the Higher Mind. Some of you may be considering purchasing a vacation home, or a time share. Others may want to consider hosting vacationers as a source of income, such as with Air B&B. Another group of Leos may want to consider starting a college fund for their child. However this plays out for you, I advise paying attention to the ways that your Home, your Money, and your Philosophies are connected.

Virgo: Now is the Time to dig deep Virgo! This next year is all about personal growth and self-development, and the events taking place today are indicating that in order continue your growth you will have to look into the areas of your psyche that you may be afraid to enter. This is a time that huge strides can be made towards self-actualization, but it may not be that much fun. You may even benefit from the help of a therapist right now. In order to continue the growth that you’ve been working on since August, you will have to acknowledge some of your personal demons. You have the potential to heal some of your deepest wounds right now if you choose to.

Libra: The events taking place today probably will go somewhat unnoticed by you Libra, but they are definitely working in your favor! The cosmos is creating some financial opportunities for you, that you may not be aware of. It will be through creating solid relationships with others, that you will benefit the most. Other people are taking notice of your skills right now, and the people you keep in your corner will be able to facilitate growth for you. Make sure you are on your best behavior even when you think no one is watching.

Scorpio: Some big things are brewing for you Scorpio! You definitely need to be focused on your big-picture goals right now, because you have a lot of opportunity to make them happen. Be social right now, because word-of-mouth is the quickest way to make your dreams come true. You very well could be experiencing unexpected career opportunities, that likely will involve an internet presence.

Sagittarius: This year is all about growing your career and sense of life purpose. The events taking place today are indicating that you may have to break from the old where your career is concerned, and embrace a new outlook. There is a chance that you are feeling a bit lost right now, but you may have opportunities just around the corner to make some big career moves. A lot of Signs should be considering self-employment right now, and you are definitely one of them! Start imagining ways that you can be using a creative talent to improve your career.

Capricorn: Right now the areas of your sky that are highlighted are Home; Social Network; Big- Picture Goals; And Higher Mind. Many Capricorn Risings may encounter an unexpected situation taking place related to their home, which is best addressed by reaching out to friends. Some of you may need to spend time with a friend while your home is being worked on. Others may be deciding to leave home in order to go to college in pursuit of their dreams. If you are working on getting something published, then right now is the time to start contacting publishers. This is also a time in which you can connect with the most people by staying home and taking advantage of Social Media. Pursue your Dreams Capricorn, and don’t let anything distract you.

Aquarius: You are very focused on Achieving success in your career right now Aquarius, and you may be seeking out Investors right about now. If this is the case, then you have to remember to verbalize what it is that you want! The financial support will not simply fall into your lap--you have to seek it out! This message may be made clear to you as a result of an unexpected message you receive from someone, which alerts you to the fact that you need more financial support. Keep working on Career matter, and don’t get discouraged by any minor setbacks that present themselves! Others of you may need to be working on a Scholarship essay right now, because you may find yourself going off to school next year. Above all, stay positive about reaching your goals, and view any setbacks as the learning opportunities that they are.

Pisces: Now may be the time to seek advice from someone you trust where it comes to financial matters. There is a lot of potential to receive exactly the information you need from someone you are close to. Some of you may be wanting to go on a trip with your partner, but find that your finances are not in the right shape. Don’t be alarmed, because right now you have an excellent ability to save money quickly, and you may be able to reach you financial goals quicker than you expected. This is also a great time for all of you Pisceans out there to bond with a partner on a spiritual or philosophical level. Instead of worrying about money, connect with your partner about your shared beliefs.

Thank you all so much for reading, and I look forward to connecting with you again soon! If you enjoyed this post, then a Comment/Share/Like is always much appreciated! If you would like to know more personalized and In-Depth Information, you may want to consider a private consultation. Have a wonderful day!

Your Astrologer,

Taylor Kohl