Weekly Horoscope 12/14/2015- 12/20/2015--Be Amazing

Hello Friends,

This week starts off with a bang! We are starting the Week with a conversation between the Sun and Jupiter, asking us to be amazing. This energy is one that needs to be monitored, because as exciting as it is—it presents a real possibility of overdoing it. As we get a little farther into the week, we have a friendly conversation forming between Mercury and Neptune. This conversation is showing us where we have the opportunity to use our imagination, and tap into a magical way of thinking. We are being called to think outside of the confines of reality. This has a very poetic feeling about it. As we get to the end of the working week, we have Venus Speaking to Pluto in a conversation of harmony, which is showing us how to transform the way we express love and desire. We will be gaining a new understanding of love, and we will desire a deep connection. This is also a great time to change up your style. When this weekend begins, Mercury will be meeting Pluto in the Sky. This is a true call to transform the way we think, and a push to dig deep and investigate. Overall, this week has a larger than life aspect to it, and likely will represent some over the top actions both collectively and individually. If we channel this energy into a creative outlet, we can have great success. Be inspired, but be mindful as well.

As always, the sky will speak to each sign differently, so I recommend paying closest attention to the section for you Rising Sign. If you don’t know your Rising Sign, then I encourage you to click here to find out. Otherwise, just read the section for your Sun Sign. Enjoy!

Aries: Your beliefs are strong, and you are being called to live as an example for others. You need to remember to stay receptive to what others have to say, because there is always room for growth. Continue to dive beneath the surface of your daily life, because you likely will find your greatest achievements stemming from your ability to investigate.

Taurus: This week can be one of financial risk if you aren’t careful. This is a time to avoid risky financial ventures, and frivolous spending. Focus on opening up to new ways of thinking, and on considering new belief systems. It is an excellent time to strengthen a bond by connecting on a spiritual/philosophical/higher mind level. See beyond the material plane.

Gemini: You are owning your space more fully, which may be causing a slight rift in one of your relationships. This is just an ego trip, and is likely to pass quickly. In fact, you are likely going to be relying on the support of a partner (romantic, business, close friend) over the next week, which will help to establish a greater sense of intimacy. This is a time to completely and entirely tap into your investigative side, because you will be using it over this week.

Cancer:  Don’t let your words get you in trouble at work Cancer. This week indicates the possibility of you voicing your opinions at an inappropriate time while working. Maybe avoid hot topics for the earlier part of the week. This is also a week that can be quite romantic for you. Focus on creating a deeper connection with a partner, and establishing a more complete bond. But remember that true intimacy means accepting your partner for the “good” and for the “bad”. If you are single, then this may be a time to consider dating, because the Cosmos is very supportive of the idea of you pairing up.

Leo: Spending is on the agenda for you this week, and your purchases will likely be for your children, or your romantic partner. Make sure you aren’t putting too big of a financial burden on yourself. It may be time to start considering doing some work on your home, or possibly doing some of your professional work at home. You are being called to transform your views on work and health as well, so consider changing the way you take care of your body.

Virgo: You are growing on a level of soul, which is giving you a better understanding of yourself on a very deep level. Continue to broaden your perspective, and find ways to deal with the past constructively. You are undergoing a transformation, and it is time to embrace all that is new in life. If you have children, this is likely to be a time of teaching them new lessons. It is also a time to transform your understanding of the word fun.

Libra: You honestly might surprise yourself this week by saying something that comes directly from your subconscious. There are clear signs that many of you will become very familiar with the term Freudian Slip. Consider your early life, and think about how your childhood has impacted you. This is a time of transforming your inner self, and preparing for your next phase of life. You also may want to consider making changes around your home, which will likely be therapeutic for a Libra.

Scorpio: You may be spending money on some of your big goals this next week. You also may find that a friend is asking for money—really think it over before you agree to loan anyone money. This is a time of transforming your self-image, and embracing self-love. You are also being called to transform the way the you view finances, by developing a healthier attachment to money.

Sagittarius: You may see an authority figure challenging your ego, which will likely put you on the defensive. If you are happy with your circumstances, then you will need to take the high road and avoid conflict. However, you may also want to consider other options, because you are being called to transform your perspective on money. This might mean looking for a new way of earning a paycheck. New opportunities are coming together, whether or not you are currently aware of them.

Capricorn: An internal battle of the beliefs is taking place inside of you, and you are finding that your philosophies are in need of a change. It is time to consider all possibilities, and transform your perspective on life. You are changing, and this is always something to embrace. Dig deep and discover a new understanding of what it means to be you. Your friends may be able to give you some perspective.

Aquarius: You are very focused on other people this week. This can be good, because other people can always offer a new perspective and understanding. Try and make this two sided, and focus on mutual benefits between you and the people around you. Blessings in your career are taking place this week, so keep your eyes open for opportunities. It is time to eliminate self-doubt, and realize that you are in control of your success.

Pisces: Your relationships may seem to get in the way of your career at the moment, but this is not necessarily the truth of the matter. You are being called to understand that this conflict is caused more by your own inability to set clear boundaries. You need to be firm with the people around you, in order for them to take you seriously. Your beliefs and aspirations are undergoing a transformation. It is likely the perfect time to consider how your belief system impacts your ability to reach your goals. This is a time of putting yourself first.

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