Daily Horoscope 12/19/2015--Probing Mind

Good Morning Friends,

Get out your magnifying glass, because today is going to call for some detective work. Mercury is meeting Pluto in the Sky, which is representative of deep thinking and a penetrating mind. We are being called to look beneath the surface of our everyday lives, and gain a deeper understanding of life’s mysteries. On a collective level, this is going to feature some great works of investigative journalism surfacing in the media. We will likely be hearing stories about major cover-ups that are finally coming to light. It is likely that the media will be covering stories related to protest and rallies, because the rebellious planet Uranus will also be involved in this conversation. On an individual level, this is likely to be a time of investigating at least one area of life on a deeper level, and feeling an urge to shake things up. We all should be working to uncover a hidden truth, because it will facilitate further growth. Today is about asking the tough questions, even when we are afraid of the answers we will uncover—No, especially when we are afraid of the answers we will uncover. When we allow fear to control our decisions, we are willingly releasing our power. This is a time to reclaim your power, by uncovering your personal truth.

As always, the sky will speak to each sign differently, so I recommend paying closest attention to the section for you Rising Sign. If you don’t know your Rising Sign, then I encourage you to click here to find out. Otherwise, just read the section for your Sun Sign. Enjoy!

Aries: Where are you heading Aries? What is your life goal? Are you doing enough to ensure you success? This is a time to consider these major questions. You can accomplish a lot when you set your mind to it. It’s time to fully dedicate yourself to your life purpose. Be a powerhouse.

Taurus: What is the meaning of life? No, seriously—have you considered this question? It is time to figure out what you believe in Taurus. You should be tapping into you spiritual/philosophical side, and developing a clear understanding of your guiding philosophies.

Gemini: Your mind is about to wander into some pretty dark places, and you will need to discover what lurks in the shadows of your subconscious. It is time to confront the Boogey Man, and show him who’s boss. You are finding out what has power over you, and you are stomping it out. On a more practical level, this is a time of going over your financial plan/budget with a fine tooth comb, and making sure that it is up to par.

Cancer: Your close relationships are about to get a new level of intensity Cancer. Many of you will find that your partner (romantic, business, or close friend) is demonstrating some paranoid or obsessive tendencies right about now. It is going to be absolutely necessary for you to keep the lines of communication open, because silence will only increase the problem. You are being called to transform the way you communicate with the people you are closest to.

Leo: Many Leos will be undergoing a change in their health and work routines. This is a time of transforming the way that you organize your life, and creating a better sense of order. If this relates more to you on a professional level, then now is a time that you can improve your finances by becoming more organized.  If you haven’t been taking proper care of your body, then now is a time to come up with a new and detailed health regimen, which will improve your overall well-being.

Virgo: What brings you joy Virgo? You may need to transform your understanding of fun, because it is likely outdated. Right now is a time to tap into your creative side on a deeper level. It is time to consider how you can become a better and more successful person by embracing your creative nature. You may want to consider turning a hobby into a source of revenue.

Libra: This is a time to investigate your inner self, and gain an understanding of who you are at your core. Many Librans will be contemplating their childhood, and figuring out how their upbringing shaped them. On a more practical level, this an excellent time to plan some changes around your home. Some of you may even be considering moving to a new home. I would highly recommend getting in contact with your parent/s, because they will likely have some valuable information for you.

Scorpio: Your thinking is likely outdated in certain areas, and now will be a time of making some necessary changes. You may need to change your thinking where it comes to your long term goals and your financial plans. Many Scorpios are holding themselves back by clinging to ideas that limit their ability to envision a bigger life for themselves. You have many opportunities in life, so don’t let your thoughts confine you.

Sagittarius: It is time to rethink your spending, and change your views regarding money. Many Sagittarians are developing a new understanding of what it means to be financially successful. Some of you will be considering new employment options in hopes of increasing your earnings. Others should consider creating a solid budget. Work on creating a healthier relationship with money, and allow yourself to think outside of the box.

Capricorn: You are changing Capricorn. This can be a time of great intensity, and may not seem fun— but you will be better for it. Focus your energy on unlocking your highest potential, and expressing yourself in a way that emphasizes your best qualities. You are going through a long process of change and growth, and today is high point on this journey. This is a time of shedding the parts of you that are outdated, and embracing the new and improved you.

Aquarius: The time has come for you to address the skeletons in your closet. As humans we tend to turn a blind eye to matters that seem too overwhelming—the problem is that the tension only builds when we engage in this escapist behavior. You are being called to acknowledge what you have been trying to ignore, and deal with the issues that you have been denying. Don’t avoid your problems, because they will find you eventually.

Pisces: Are you working to make your dreams come true? This is a time to make sure that your actions are supporting your goals. You may find that you need to make some changes in your social circle in order to continue to progress. It may also be that you need to make some changes in your own conduct in order to continue moving towards your life goals. Consider some of your deeply ingrained behaviors, and make sure they are not working against you.

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