Daily Horoscope 12/23/2015--Rich Thinking

Good Morning Friends,

There is so much positive energy in the air today! Mercury is speaking with Venus and Jupiter, which is an excellent sign that today will be filled with blessings. Mercury is the planet of thought and communication; Venus is the planet of desire and love; and Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and abundance. The conversation between these three planets is indicative of ideas that can lead us to the life that we desire for ourselves. We have the opportunity to begin projects which can make us one step closer to fulfilling our dreams, we simply need to harness the potential of today’s sky. We have to take the initiative, because it is easy to let opportunity slip through your fingertips. Keep your mind agile today, because you will likely have some very valuable ideas surfacing.

As always, the sky will speak to each sign differently, so I recommend paying closest attention to the section for you Rising Sign. If you don’t know your Rising Sign, then I encourage you to click here to find out. Otherwise, just read the section for your Sun Sign. This will act as a generalized forecast, if you would like personalized information, then I would recommend clicking here to learn about the services that I offer. Enjoy!

Aries: It is time to ensure your future financial abundance. Consider new career paths which will allow you to earn passive income (royalties; commission; stocks). Begin visualizing new career and financial opportunities, while continuing to work hard at your existing job. Think outside of the box where money is concerned.

Taurus: This is a time of deepening your relationships, and expanding your mind by connecting with the people you are closest to. Other people will be a source of wisdom for you now, so be sure to listen to what they have to say. You may hear something that sets you on a path of greater happiness and abundance in life.

Gemini: You are diving beneath the surface today, and analyzing your subconscious. You may encounter a blast from the past, which in some way shakes you up. Be sure to find the lesson in whatever occurs today, because there will be one. This is also a time to think outside of the box financially speaking, because there are likely some very positive opportunities for you now.  

Cancer: It may seem like other people know exactly how to lift your spirits today. Expect positive interactions with the people you are close to. This can be a time of romantic interactions, as well as uplifting discussions with friends. Share your knowledge with others today, and focus on learning from them as well.

Leo: Home improvement/decorating is likely on the agenda for many Leos. This is a time that you should focus your energy on creating a living space that boosts your spirits. Your home is a reflection of your soul, so make sure you like what you see. Reach out to Parents as well, because they will likely have uplifting words for you now.

Virgo: Learning new information will help guide you on a path of growth and wisdom. This is a time to be expanding your mind, and developing new skills. You are finding yourself this year, and today will be a high point in the process. Take every opportunity to learn and grow. Everyone can teach you something in life.

Libra: Financial opportunities are brewing for you now, and you may find that money is showing up in unexpected places. You may literally find money in your home that you thought you had lost. Others of you may find that family is helping out financially, or giving you information that gives you money-making ideas.

Scorpio: If there ever was a time to be social, it would be now. Connect with friends, because they are very likely to have information that can help you reach your goals. Networking is a must today. It is time to share your dreams with the world, because it will take you one step closer to making your goals a reality.

Sagittarius: You are focusing your energy on your career and finances right now, and things are finally starting to fall into place. Very positive developments are brewing for you now, so keep working hard on your goals. Dedication and hard work will be your path to success, so don’t rest on your laurels.

Capricorn: Speak up Capricorn! You will find that speaking your mind is going to be your ticket to success right now. You should be sharing your wisdom with the world. Authenticity impresses people, so today is the day to show your truest self. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion.

Aquarius: Investing in your future is the goal now Aquarius. It is time to align yourself with circumstances that will lead you to happiness and financial freedom in the future. Blessings are coming your way in very noticeable ways. Makes sure you are putting your best foot forward at all times, because you never know when opportunity is going to strike.  

Pisces: It is a time to keep your mind wide open Pisces. Other people are likely going to have words of wisdom for you now, and you will want to embrace what they have to say. Connect with friends and loved ones today, and exchange insights. You can learn a lot when you view matters from another perspective.

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Your Astrologer,


Taylor Kohl