Daily Horoscope 12/24/2015-- Rash Decisions

Good Morning Friends,

Today’s sky is filled with Lunar Energy! Over the course of the day, the Moon will be speaking to Jupiter, and Mars. The Moon will speak to Jupiter in a conversation of tension and/or motivation. This will likely play out as an overload of emotions, and a tendency to make rash feeling-based decisions. This will require us to actively engage in critical thinking, as a way of getting our feelings in check. There is an overindulgent energy about this as well, so remembering moderation and discipline are a good idea now. A little bit later in the day, the Moon will speak to Mars in a conversation of harmony and understanding. This is indicative of the ability to take action in a way that is well-received by the people around us. We will be feeling passionate, and we will be able to find constructive channels for this energy. This is a day of connecting with our emotional side, and discovering healthy and productive ways to use this energy.

As always, the sky will speak to each sign differently, so I recommend paying closest attention to the section for you Rising Sign. If you don’t know your Rising Sign, then I encourage you to click here to find out. Otherwise, just read the section for your Sun Sign. This will act as a generalized forecast, if you would like personalized information, then I would recommend clicking here to learn about the services that I offer. Enjoy!

Aries: Your mind is alert today, and you are absorbing information like a sponge. Make sure you aren’t letting information negatively impact your emotional well-being. This may be a time that the chores of life are seeming to keep you down. You may want seek comfort in someone you are close to, they likely will be willing to listen to you vent. Focus on gaining knowledge, and connecting with others on a more emotional level.

Taurus: This can be a time of rash spending, and last minute holiday shopping. Don’t let the holidays put you in debt Taurus. You will need to stay organized today, because you may find yourself rather busy. Many Taureans will gain a new perspective on time management and efficiency today.

Gemini: Family and home life can really cause some stress for you now Gemini, and you might find it difficult to hide. This is a time to focus on finding a state of inner peace, otherwise external factors may really drag you down. If you can find the time to do somethings that brings you joy today, then I would definitely recommend taking it.

Cancer: There is a chance that feelings of isolation may try and creep in today, and you may find your mood decreasing. It is a good idea for you to spend time connecting with family today, because they will likely be able to point you in a direction of happiness. Your roots will keep you grounded.

Leo:  This may be a day of last minute holiday purchases. You will have to remember not to overspend today, because there will likely be a strong urge to do just that. This is a time to spend communicating with friends, and learning from the people you meet. Don’t waste this energy on meaningless purchases.

Virgo: This is a time of pushing towards success Virgo. Focus your energy on growth, and on connecting with a clearer understanding of your life direction.  If feelings of stress show up today, then transform them into motivation. You have the potential to develop some positive financial plans for your future.

Libra: Tapping into a higher source of wisdom will lead you in the right direction now Libra. You have the potential to face parts of yourself now that need correction, and you will be up for the challenge. It is a time of using your guiding principles to gain a sense of greater self-knowledge. Take action to be the greatest version of yourself possible.

Scorpio: Don’t let a friend harm your financial situation Scorpio. You need to avoid spending too much on gifts for your friends, because you will need to be spending money on your goals in the near future. This is a time to spend visualizing a better future for yourself, and coming to terms with the parts of yourself that art standing in your way.

Sagittarius: You may find that your career is putting a bit of a strain on one of your relationships now Sagittarius. Don’t worry about this, because it will likely be a short lived frustration. Continue reaching for the stars, and know that you are on the right direction. Life is moving you in the direction of your goals, so allow yourself to dream big.   

Capricorn: Day-to-day life may seem bland today, and you are feeling called to go on an adventure. You are connecting with the more philosophical side of yourself, which is making routine and order seem less interesting. Focus on merging these areas of life by developing a spiritual understanding of the value that a balanced life holds. You are moving in a new direction in life, so dedicate yourself to your calling.

Aquarius: Sometimes life seems to keep you from having fun, and this may be one of those times. Tap into the wisdom that is all around you, and know that you are heading in a direction that will lead you to long term happiness. Once you remember this, you will find that joy is within you. Regeneration and spiritual renewal are right around the corner for you.

Pisces: This is a time to avoid holding your emotions in, because you very likely will reach a boiling point. Addressing problems head on will save you struggle in the long run. You may even find that your relationships improve as you begin voicing your frustrations. Focus on being true to yourself, and on developing a healthier connection with your emotions.

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Your Astrologer,


Taylor Kohl