Daily Horoscope 12/04/2015--Uprising

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Intensity is the dominant theme in the Cosmos today. We currently are in the beginning stages of a conversation between Mars; Pluto; and Uranus. This is anything but harmonious. Mars is the Planet of aggression; Pluto is the Planet associated with extreme power; and Uranus represents sudden shifts in society. On a collective Level, this Sky is sure to shake things up. We are very likely to see major changes taking place around the globe. This is not meant to frighten you, but it seems very likely that military action will be taken around the world over this next week. On an individual level, we will each feel a strong urge to go through a major transformation in at least one area of our lives. Mars and Uranus are acting as a catalyst for the transformative energy of Pluto. Many of us will find that releasing control is the only way for us to reach a new level of growth. It will not be wise to try and fight change over the next week, because this will be a losing battle. If you feel pushed off course, this is the Universe’s way of telling you that you weren’t going in the right direction.

As always, the sky will speak to each sign differently, so I recommend paying closest attention to the section for you Rising Sign. If you don’t know your Rising Sign, then I encourage you to click here to calculate your free Birth Chart. Otherwise, just read the section for your Sun Sign. Enjoy!

Aries: Unexpected interactions with others are very likely for you over the next week, which may set you on a new path in life. This is a time of transforming yourself in a very public way, and connecting with your life purpose. Be who you know you are meant to be.

Taurus: You are likely experiencing changes which began on a subconscious level, but are working their way into your daily life. This is a time that you are seeing things from an entirely new perspective, which will have a major impact on your beliefs. Keep an open mind.

Gemini: This is a time of figuring out exactly what you want out of life. This may begin with a feeling that you aren’t able to do the things that you enjoy as much anymore. You may feel that you are sacrificing immediate gratification for the sake of fulfilling your dreams. You are investing in your future.

Cancer: Major changes are set to take place for you Cancer. This is a time in which you may feel pulled between work and home. As a Cancer, you are very attached to your home, so this will likely be somewhat stressful. You will have to find a way to regain your work/life balance, because otherwise you are likely to take your stress out on someone you are close to.

Leo: You are somewhat excitable right now Leo, and you may find it difficult to bight your tongue. This is not a bad thing provided you are remembering to respect everyone’s opinions. I also would strongly advise that you avoid any intense discussions while at work, because you will likely face opposition.

Virgo: Impulse spending is a major possibility for you right now Virgo. Put your wallet down! If you have children, you will likely find yourself spending A LOT of money on them right about now. If you do not have children, then you may be spending on luxury items, or gifts for a romantic interest.

Libra: There is the potential for your relationship to feature some very unexpected/impulsive events. I see the potential for many Librans to impulsively decide to move in with their partner, which is probably not a good idea without proper consideration. Other’s may be introducing their significant other to their parents, and this may not go entirely as planned. My best advice is to take things slow, at least for another week.

Scorpio: This is a time to be careful about what you say, or what you post online. It is likely that in some way your words will get back to people that you would rather not hear them. Some of you may be feeling a bit under the weather, and you may find that it is helpful to research a new health regimen or diet.

Sagittarius: You are likely to have some unexpected expenses show up over the next week, which will put a strain on your finances. If you have children, then you may find that your spending is related to them. This is acting as a catalyst for you to transform your current financial situation. You should be brainstorming new ways of generating income.  

Capricorn: You are the sign who will be feeling the impact of today’s sky the strongest. The Cosmos is aligned in a way that can indicate sudden changes in your career and home life, which push you to make some big changes. You are going through a metaphorical death and rebirth, which is meant to steer you onto the correct path. Release the old, and embrace the new.

Aquarius: Your mind is very busy right now Aquarius, and you are learning a ton of information. You are changing in ways that even you are unaware of. It will be very wise for you to find at least a few minutes to be alone and process everything that you have been taking in. After you have regained your calm, it will be time to go out and share all of your wisdom to the world.

Pisces: Major financial changes are possible for you Pisces. This is a time to be wise with your spending, but also to begin looking at ways to create future abundance. Start visualizing a future that allows you more financial freedom.

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