Daily Horoscope 12/08/2015--Civil Unrest

Good Morning Friends,

There is SO MUCH going on in the sky right now. We will undoubtedly be feeling the excitement today. We currently have Mars; Uranus; and Pluto speaking to each other in a conversation of energy and motivation. This is giving us an awareness of anything that has been controlling us, and giving the drive to change the power dynamics. This conversation has been building for days and will continue for several more. However, the Sun is entering this conversation today and speaking to Uranus in a conversation of Harmony. This is Liberation. This is uprising. We will have a true sense of clarity as to how we can find greater freedom, and how we can express our individuality. On a collective level this is likely to be a major act of revolution. We will see protests; rallies; civil uprising; and many other acts of rebellion. This is also a time that we will see National leaders making important statements regarding freedom and liberty. On an Individual level, this is a time in which we will all be breaking the chains which oppress us, and looking for ways to demonstrate our individuality and uniqueness. We are not willing to sit back and watch the world around us fall apart—we are fighting for our personal, and our collective rights. It is time for us all to speak our truth, and show the world exactly who we are. Be you.

As always, the sky will speak to each sign differently, so I recommend paying closest attention to the section for you Rising Sign. If you don’t know your Rising Sign, then I encourage you to click here to calculate your free Birth Chart. Otherwise, just read the section for your Sun Sign. Enjoy!

Aries: Expressing your beliefs, and speaking your truth is paramount today. There is nothing in you that is willing to sit back in the face of injustice. Someone may attempt to control you, and this will not fly. Tell them how it’s really going to be.

Taurus: A philosophy that governs based on fear, is not one to adhere to. You are seeing that your guiding principles may be in need of revision. It is time to dig deep, and find a truth that lives beneath the surface. What do you believe in when fear is no longer controlling you?

Gemini: Connecting with a group of like-minded people, may steer in a direction of greater wisdom. You are seeing where you may need help navigating through life right now. Your finances may enter focus, and you may get useful advice from the people around you.

Cancer: Major shifts in the direction of your life are quite possible Cancer. You may see new and cutting edge career opportunities forming for you. It is time to say goodbye to anyone who is attempting to control you, or steer you away from your goals.

Leo: Radical changes in your belief system are likely right about now. You may find that what you held to be true, is scheduled for an update. It is time to embrace new ways of thinking. Connecting with a place of love and happiness can lead you to greater wisdom.

Virgo: Fears related to your financial situation may be steering your life. It is time to reconnect with a state of joy and happiness which transcends the material world. Go back to your roots, and remember who you are at your very core.

Libra: Shifts in your relationship, may be impacting you on cellular level. It is time to discover if the inner workings of your psyche require some adjustment. Transformation begins on the inside. It is time to reconsider how you think about companionship.

Scorpio: Your life seems unpredictable at the moment, and you may be fearing the changes going on around you. You will make it—Scorpios ALWAYS make it. Change the way you are thinking, and will find that every problem has a solution when allow yourself to think outside of the box.

Sagittarius: Are you enjoying life? Sometimes we think we must ignore this question, because happiness doesn’t pay the bills. Wrong. It is time to change your views regarding money, and realize that abundance is everywhere. It may be time to consider using your creativity to provide you with a more prosperous life.

Capricorn: You are experiencing radical changes in all directions of life. This is a time to see that in order to improve you circumstances, you must transform the way you live your life. Retreat to a place of silence, and allow a sense of clarity to emerge.

Aquarius: New information can be more valuable than gold. Your belief system is shifting, as a result of the information that is finding you. Continue to keep your eyes wide open, and allow yourself to see through a new lens. Share what you learn with the world, and experience a greater sense of unity.

Pisces: Your finances are in a period of flux, which may be putting you in place of fear. This is a time to release these fears, and connect with a vison of abundance. You very well may find new career opportunities, which will help guide to a state of greater financial freedom. Don’t lose faith.

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Your Astrologer,


Taylor Kohl