Daily Horoscope 12/09/2015--Practical Thought

Good Morning Friends,

Mercury is changing signs! This is very good news for us all. For about three weeks, Mercury has been moving through Sagittarius and will be entering Capricorn today. Mercury’s stay in Sagittarius was an excellent time for speaking the truth, and we found that collectively many issues were being addressed. There was no biting of the tongue. Sagittarius is a sign associated with foreign relations; religion; and cultural differences. It is absolutely no surprise that while Mercury was in Sagittarius, we saw the media (mercury) shift its attention to these Sagittarian topics.  Globally, this was an important time, in which we saw honest discussions occurring, which normally may have been avoided. Individually, this was a time that seemed a bit more argumentative than usual. Many of us found our opinions becoming stronger, and we felt less incentive to hold back from speaking our minds. Now that Mercury is shifting into the Sign of Capricorn, we will begin to see the Media begin focusing more on the government and business. Individually, we will see that we are regaining our communicative filters, and are better able to refrain from saying things that may cause arguments. We also will likely find that we become more interested in discussing practical solutions, rather than simply discussing the issues.

 As always, the sky will speak to each sign differently, so I recommend paying closest attention to the section for you Rising Sign. If you don’t know your Rising Sign, then I encourage you to click here to calculate your free Birth Chart. Otherwise, just read the section for your Sun Sign. Enjoy!

Aries: It is a time to put your knowledge to practical use. You have been expanding your mind over the last three weeks, and you are ready to apply all that you have learned. The next three weeks is about focusing your mental energy on your career and life direction.

Taurus: You are starting a three-week process of expanding your mind. It is time to ask yourself the big questions of life, and consider your guiding principles. Think beyond the simple day-to-day practicalities, and consider the meaning of it all.

Gemini: You may find that over the next few weeks your mind begins to wander off into some darker areas of thought. This is a time to ask yourself the penetrating questions. Others will find that now is a time of planting seeds which lead them to greater abundance.

Cancer: Relationships are about to enter your thoughts, and you will likely desire a person to talk to. If you desire a closer connection, then you will find the quickest way into a person’s heart is through their mind. Express your thoughts.

Leo: Organizing your life is about to become the main focus of your thoughts. This can be a time of increased productivity. Many Leos will be thinking over new health routines, and becoming more disciplined with their work life as well. It is time to get all of your ducks in a row.

Virgo: Consider what brings you joy. You may find your idea of fun is shifting, and it will be time to discover new ways of enjoying life. This is a time to begin writing your thoughts, because you may find your words turning into a lovely work of poetry.

Libra: You may find your thoughts drifting back in time. Nostalgia is strong for you now. Consider ways of using your past to connect with a happier present. It is also a time of making changes around the home, and using your mind to create a space that is more agreeable.

Scorpio: The next three weeks will bring you some excellent ideas. New facts are coming to you now, which have the potential to set you on a new financial path. This will be a time of thinking; communicating; and soaking in as much information as possible.

Sagittarius: Money is on the mind, and you will be considering all of the financial possibilities. Listen to what others have to say, because their words may just bring you some very lucrative ideas. You have a chance to reorganize your financial state, and connect with greater abundance.

Capricorn: Quite the chatter box you are Capricorn. Expressing your thoughts and opinions is going to be a focus over the next three weeks. This will also be a time to consider how you are perceived by others—your findings may surprise you.

Aquarius: You are going to start seeing things differently Aquarius. Messages may find you through the language of dreams and metaphors, so it will be time to pay attention to the subtleties of life. Find a place of solitude, and listen to your thoughts.  

Pisces: Being heard by a larger group will be important to you over the next three weeks Pisces. It is time to spread your thoughts to the collective. This is also the time to begin developing a plan of action for fulfilling your goals. Networking will be key.

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Taylor Kohl