Daily Horoscope 01/16/2016--Manifestation

Good Morning Friends,

Today is a very special day, because Mars is speaking with Neptune in a friendly and harmonious conversation. These planets have absolutely nothing in common; Mars is the planet of drive and energy, while Neptune is the planet of imagination and transcendence. So, when these two planets are speaking to each other in harmonious way, the impact is truly unique. We have the opportunity to take action on our dreams. Now is the time to focus our energy on projects which require us to use our imagination, and dream big. This is also the time to practice the law of attraction, because Mars is giving the energy required for manifesting our goals. This conversation will be in full effect until Tuesday (1/19). Mars speaking to Neptune is telling us to see no limitations for our potential.

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As always, the sky will speak to each sign differently, so I recommend paying closest attention to the section for you Rising Sign. If you don’t know your Rising Sign, then I encourage you to click here to find out. Otherwise, just read the section for your Sun Sign. This will act as a generalized forecast, if you would like personalized information, then I would recommend clicking HERE to learn about the newest service I am offering! Enjoy!

Aries Daily Horoscope: 1) Imagination 2) Visualization 3) Manifestation. These are the three steps to follow today. You have so much cosmic support right now, which is asking you to imagine the life that you desire. What do you wish to attract in your life? You may need to do some soul searching before you can fully answer this question. Don’t be afraid to uncover your deepest desires.

Taurus Daily Horoscope: You may find that someone you are close to is able to push you in the right direction. Allow yourself to be guided, because someone is trying to help you reach your goals. This is the time to embrace help. Seek out others, and see where the day takes you. Some of you may find that a friendship is becoming something more.

Gemini Daily Horoscope: Today is all about putting in the work Gemini! You will find that even the loftiest of goals can be realized with a good dose of elbow grease. Embrace the work, and see your dream become a reality. Envision your idea of success, and actively take steps towards achievement. There are no dead ends, only detours.

Cancer Daily Horoscope: This is the time to find joy in expanding your mind. You are feeling greater energy and drive than usual, and it will be best to channel it towards pursuits of the higher mind. Look for opportunities to learn from people and from experiences, because this will bring you joy. If you have children, then this may be the time to consider creating a college fund.

Leo Daily Horoscope: This is a time of actively seeking out opportunities to heal emotional wounds. The past follows us when we don’t address our problems.  You should ask yourself “what have I been trying to forget?” If you can’t think of anything, then you aren’t delving deep enough—we all have scars; baggage; and skeletons in our closets. On a more mundane level, this is a time that may require spending on your home, so try and get your finances sorted out quickly.

Virgo Daily Horoscope: It is time to bring up the issues Virgo. What topics have you avoided discussing with someone you are close to? This is the ideal time to address the issues in your close relationships, because there will likely be a resolution for these problems if they are confronted now. At the very least, you will gain greater clarity by talking things out.

Libra Daily Horoscope: Do you want to earn more money? If you answered yes, then the next few days will be a great opportunity for you. Right now, you should be channeling your energy towards problem solving. If something goes wrong on the job, then you should willingly offer your assistance. Being seen as the person who can fix problems will definitely impress the people in authority. Hard work will likely pay off for you financially.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope: Today is going to be great! This is a time of feeling alive, and using your energy in a way that brings you joy. Many Scorpios will be feeling creative over the next few days, so it is a great idea to channel your inner artist. This is also a time that becoming physically active can be more enjoyable than usual, so now is a great time to start a new workout plan. Above all, have fun and embrace life!

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope: This is a time to be very kind to yourself Sagittarius. You are likely working very hard, and feeling a bit drained. This will definitely pay off, but now is the time to take things slow and avoid self-defeating thoughts. Meditation is a very good idea for you now, because It will bring you back to center. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, and pay attention to your dreams.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope: This is a time to reach out to friends, and look for opportunities to network. You will want to be careful with what you say, because the Freudian slip is a possibility now. As long as you are choosing your words wisely, this can be a great opportunity to connect with people who can help move you towards your goals. I recommend going out and connecting with new people, but not having more than one drink if alcohol is being served.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope: This is the time to work hard to achieve success, and to actively envision your ideal income. Some of you may find an increase in your earnings. Others will have to “fake it ‘til you make it.” Walk with confidence, even if you feel unaccomplished. The Image you present now can help you reach your desired goals. I advise against making large purchases over the next few days.

Pisces Daily Horoscope: Today is likely to feel down right mystical for many Pisceans. If you are spiritual, then now may be a time of feeling truly connected with a higher power (however you define this). Embrace this feeling. Other Pisceans will feel called towards compassion, and will feel guided by their moral compass. No matter how this plays out for you, this will be a time of growth and learning. Be open to the possibilities.  

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Taylor Kohl