Daily Horoscope 01/19/2016--Sensory Explosion


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Good Morning Friends,

The Energy of the Sky is building, and many of us will be sensing a major shift around the corner. The Moon will be the main source of energy today, and will in some ways act as a primer to the events that are scheduled to kick-off starting tomorrow. Over the course of the day, the Moon will engage in conversations with Neptune, Mars, and Saturn. The Moon will be entering Gemini at the very beginning of the day, which is going to set the pace for tomorrow when the Sun enters Aquarius, which is another Air Sign. As we get further in the day, the Moon will speak to Neptune in a tense conversation. This interaction can indicate hypersensitivity, and over stimulation. We are more tapped into our own emotions, and we are more sensitive to the emotions of others as well. At the Same time as she speaks to Neptune, the Moon will have a discussion with Mars. This is an unusual type of conversation, which essentially equates to the Moon saying “I don’t understand you Mars!” This indicates that we may have difficulty taking the proper action based on our emotional responses. We may feel agitated and slightly confused. This conversation will subside as we get later in the day. The last conversation that the Moon is going to have will only be felt by some of us today, because it is taking place around 11:30 pm pacific time. Therefore, you may experience this energy tomorrow depending on your location around the globe. This discussion represents pressure to control one’s emotions. It appears that some of us will feel that our feelings are inappropriate, and we may be inclined to suppress them. This is never wise, so I recommend finding solitude for emotional reflection.

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Aries Daily Horoscope: Your words may be driven by your feelings today, which will need to be watched carefully. You may find that your sensitivity runs high today, and overstimulation is a strong possibility. Process your emotions as soon as they surface, because otherwise confrontation is likely to arise. This is also a great day to practice getting in touch with your intuition.

Taurus Daily Horoscope: Retail therapy may seem tempting for you now, but consider whether or not that has ever really solved your emotional problems. If you are being honest, you will likely find that spending money has rarely acted as more than an emotional Band-Aid. Don’t take on other people’s problems, because this will likely be the source of any negative feelings that you experience. Channel your energy towards planning for your goals.

Gemini Daily Horoscope: This is a time that your emotions are very visible to others, so I would advise against anything that requires a straight face. You may feel a slight sense of pressure to reach some measure of success today; it is as if you are working hard to achieve a goal quickly. Don’t overextend yourself, because exhaustion will lead to agitation for you now.  Go for the gold, but allow yourself time to rest.

Cancer Daily Horoscope: Today is a great day to work on an artistic project in a place of solitude. You have major creative potential now, and getting some space to yourself will help you to utilize it well. This also may be a time that meditation allows you to receive valuable messages from a higher power, or from your higher self.

Leo Daily Horoscope: Today is about connecting to your higher vision for life, and seeing what need to be changed in order to reach you goals. You may need to consider some subconscious behavior patterns that are not helping you progress in life. It may also be a time to consider making some changes that can help you reach your financial goals. Above all, don’t be afraid to ask yourself the tough questions today. Delve beneath the surface.

Virgo Daily Horoscope: Today is the day to try and avoid sensitive topics while at work, because some of you may experience a very public display of emotions. Instead, focus your energy on improving your work relationships, and begin seeing how you can improve the quality of your professional life. If you are feeling emotional today, then wait until you are back home before processing your feelings.

Libra Daily Horoscope: This may be a time that unexpected expenses come up, which may be related to travel. If this is the case, then just be sure that you are in the right financial state before swiping your credit card. I will also advise against bringing up politics or religion at work today, because it may cause conflict. Direct your energy towards performing at your highest potential, and making strides towards greater success.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope: You may not be entirely aware of how aggressive you are appearing to others now. This is a time to remember to be sensitive to others, and to simply walk away if conflict arises. You have major potential right now, so focus your energy on taking actions that support your goals. Don’t let conflict distract you from your projects.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope: Your partner (business/romantic/best friend), may be asking for more of your attention today. Unfortunately, you are not currently in the position to give any more of your energy to them at the moment. Find a way to politely express the fact that you have to focus on your own goals right now. This also may be a time that you are able to get more accomplished in solitude.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope: Today is the last day that the Sun will be in your Sign. If you haven’t already created a list of your goals for the next year, then today is your final opportunity to do so. Find the time to write out everything you wish to bring into your life over the next twelve months, and create a list of everything you wish to let go of as well. Save these lists so that you can reflect on them in a year.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope: There is likely going to be a desire within you to just have fun today, and you may be desiring a romantic connection as well. However, at the same time you are very focused on taking steps that will align you with greater success and financial stability. You will have to be very efficient with your time if you wish to satisfy both of these urges. You may have to decide which is the greater priority for you.

Pisces Daily Horoscope: This is a time of increased sensitivity without a doubt. Embrace your emotions, and find a safe space to reflect on them. You may feel called to explore your spiritual side, which may be helpful for you now. This also may be a time of considering a major adventure that possibly requires you to move away from home. Make sure you have thought through the pros and cons before making any major decisions.

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