Weekly Horoscope 01/25/2016-01/31/2016--Total Transformation


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Hello Friends,

This week is all about Mercury! Mercury has been retrograde for roughly three weeks now, which has given us an amazing opportunity to take a second look at certain issues and projects that we have been dealing with. This Retrograde was particularly important, because Mercury met with Pluto in the Sky. This deepened the energy taking place, and allowed us to really dive into some of the more hidden areas of our subconscious. Well, Mercury is beginning to move forward this week, which will certainly be felt as a major shift in energy. We are beginning to find resolution to issues that we have been revisiting over the last three weeks. Mercury will also meet with Pluto for the last time in 2016 during this next week. This is a chance to think deeply, and to realize the power contained in our words. We have been transforming our thoughts over the last three weeks, and now we are being called to voice them. Ask yourself “how can I use my words to create positive change?”

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Aries Weekly Horoscope: Are you walking the correct path in life? This has been the question to consider during Mercury Retrograde. You have been thinking about your future, and your career--what have you learned? This is a week that asks you to know where you are going, and to strive for success.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope: You’ve learned a lot about faith these last three weeks. This Mercury Retrograde was about understanding what you believe in—what have you learned? This week is about reflecting on the lessons you’ve learned, and coming to a better understanding of your belief system.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope: You have been investigating the mysteries of life over the last three weeks, and you have been considering some very new ways of think. What insights have you gleaned from this process? This is a time of reflecting on what you have learned, and seeing how it can benefit you. You likely have been considering financial matters, and possibly have been looking into the law of attraction. Continue to apply the new information that you have received.  

Cancer Weekly Horoscope: Where does the power lie in your closest relationships? This has been a question that you have likely been considering over the last few weeks. What have you learned? This week is a time of taking action to ensure that your relationships are equal, and that balance exists.

Leo Weekly Horoscope: Work and health have been a major area of focus for you over the last three weeks. You have been transforming your routines, and considering where greater organization was needed. Now is the time to make even greater strides towards living a healthy and orderly life. Keep up the hard work, and stay motivated.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope: What have you done over the last three weeks to find greater happiness? Has it worked? These are questions to consider. If you have become happier and gained greater satisfaction, then this week will be about continuing to take the same actions. However, if you are not happier, then now is the time to make MAJOR moves. Living a life void of satisfaction is not an option. Make the necessary changes—you know what they are.

Libra Weekly Horoscope: These last three weeks have been a time of deep soul searching. You have been connecting with your past, and learning about your present. Who are you? This week is a time to discover the answer to this question. Continue connecting with your core self.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope: What are your thoughts Scorpio? How do you spend your mental energy? These are question that have been on your mind lately, and you have been called to adjust your thinking. This week is about seeing the improvements that come from changing your perspective. This is also a week to consider the ways in which you can create positive change with your thoughts and words.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope: These last three weeks have been focused on your finances. You have been transforming the way that you understand money. This week is about applying what you have learned, and making changes in the way you handle your resources. You have learned valuable lessons, and now you will have a better understanding of how to earn the income you desire.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope: This Mercury Retrograde has been a time of major transformation for you. You have been on a process of self-discovery. This next week is a time of metamorphosis—you started this process as a caterpillar, and now it is the time to break from the cocoon. Be the person that you know you are meant to be.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope: These last three weeks have been a stressful time, which has called for some serious self-analysis. You have been considering the ways that you stand in your own way. What have you learned? This week is about making the necessary changes in your behavior. Let go of negative behavior patterns.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope: Over the last three weeks you have been considering your social circle and/or your life goals. You likely have come to realize that certain friendships are no longer healthy. Many of you have also made certain changes in your goals for life. This week is about applying everything that you have learned, and making the necessary changes. It is time to start working to fulfill your aspirations.

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