Daily Horoscope 01/05/2016--Mercury Retrograde

Good Morning Friends,

Mercury is standing still in the Sky today, preparing to go retrograde tomorrow! Get ready for the delays. Mercury Retrograde is an invitation to slow down, and revisit matters from the past. We are called to finish up past projects, and make sure that we have learned the lessons intended. Let me clear up some misconceptions:

Mercury Retrograde Don'ts:

1)Don’t pause your life! This is an unrealistic expectation, and it is not necessary.

2)Don’t Write a paper without proof reading it several times.

3)Don’t make sudden and/or permanent changes on your appearance. Unless the decision was made before mercury went retrograde.

4)Don’t say things that you may regret later.

Mercury Retrograde Do’s:

1)Reorganize your house. This is a time of improving existing processes.

2)Clean out your inbox. It’s a great time to clear out the clutter.

3)Seek closure from past relationships. It is time to deal with unfinished business.

4)Back up your documents, and save everything! I won’t deny that Mercury retrograde can cause computers to go haywire. It’s the truth, so you have to be proactive about saving your work.

As always, the sky will speak to each sign differently, so I recommend paying closest attention to the section for you Rising Sign. If you don’t know your Rising Sign, then I encourage you to click here to find out. Otherwise, just read the section for your Sun Sign. This will act as a generalized forecast, if you would like personalized information, then I would recommend clicking HERE to learn about the newest service I am offering! Enjoy!

Aries Mercury Retrograde Horoscope: This is a time of rethinking your goals, and making sure they are achievable.  You should be considering if your dreams have the potential to become a lucrative career. You may want to consider if your friendships have an impact on your career aspirations. Are you heading on a path towards success? Consider this. By February you will have a better understanding.

Taurus Mercury Retrograde Horoscope: Have you built up the knowledge that you need in order to achieve success. This is a time of considering the possibility of seeking further education in order to become more successful. This is also a time of making sure that your professional life is aligned with your higher beliefs. Does your career follow your moral code? By February you may have answers to these questions.

Gemini Mercury Retrograde Horoscope: It is time to delve into your subconscious and discover what keeps from fully tapping into your faith. Is something blocking your ability to believe? This is also a time of considering going back to school or travelling. You likely will need to seek funding for in order to do so. Think it over. By February you may have a better game plan.

Cancer Mercury Retrograde Horoscope: What needs to be changed about your relationships in order for you to gain a greater sense of intimacy with the people you are close to. What can help you achieve a closer connection with more support. This is a time of figuring out what needs to happen in order to make your relationship more mutually supportive. By February you will know how to improve your relationships.

Leo Mercury Retrograde Horoscope: Where are there imbalances in your relationships? Where does a change need to occur in order to create greater balance with your partner? If you are single, then you may be considering why that is. This is a time of creating greater order in your life in order to improve yourself and your bonds with other people. By February you will have greater organization.

Virgo Mercury Retrograde Horoscope: What changes can you make in your life in order to achieve more joy? Where is the clutter keeping you from experiencing fun? This is a time of clearing out the mess in order to create time for enjoyable experiences. By February you will know what needs to change.

Libra Mercury Retrograde Horoscope: It is time to think of ways to bring fun into your home. Do you live in a place that makes you happy? You may also be considering having a child. This is something to consider, but I recommend waiting until February to make such an important decision.

Scorpio Mercury Retrograde Horoscope: What did you learn in childhood that is no longer serving you? This is a time of considering your long held beliefs, and making some changes. You also may be considering changing neighborhoods. It may also be at time of reconnecting with siblings, neighbors, or extended family members. Consider the possibilities, and by February you will have a clearer course of action.

Sagittarius Mercury Retrograde Horoscope: What are your thoughts surrounding money? Do you have beliefs that stand in the way of achieving wealth? This is time to reconsider your ideas about earning money. You may also find that as sibling is able to give you advice about your finances. By February you will know what thoughts are holding you back.

Capricorn Mercury Retrograde Horoscope: Do you value yourself? What is your worth? This is a time of realizing your value, and changing your life in ways that represent an improved self-worth. This is also a time of thinking about the connection between the way you present yourself, and the money you earn. By February you should have increased your value.

Aquarius Mercury Retrograde Horoscope: Where are you standing in your way? This is a time of addressing self-sabotaging behavior, and eliminating it. Dive into your shadow side, and get rid of anything that is not serving you. Address any secrets that you hold. By February you should have addressed any skeletons in your closet, and improved your connection with self.

Pisces Mercury Retrograde Horoscope: Are your friends on your side? Are you heading the same direction as your social circle? This is a time of reassessing your social group, and deciding if you still have anything in common. This is also a time of considering if your behavior supports your goals. By February you will have more clarity.

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