Daily Horoscope 02/02/2016--Groundhog


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Good Morning Friends,

Intensity—this is an excellent description of today’s Sky. We have Mars forming a friendly conversation with Pluto today, which indicates that we will have endless supplies of energy to tackle our goals. Mars is the Planet that represents action, war, and aggression. We need this Martial quality when we are trying to accomplish a task. Pluto represents something more extreme. This is the Planet of endless power—the power to exterminate, but also the power to transform even the most solidified of structures. We have the power to move mountains today. With this conversation unfolding in the cosmos, we have the ability to tap into the pain from our past, and use it to fuel our future success. We have all heard the expression “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger,” and now is the time to find the wisdom in those words. Everything that has hurt you in the past, truly does make you stronger in the present. Tap into this energy today, and you will find that you are able to accomplish almost anything.

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Aries Daily Horoscope: You, more than most signs, will be able to take big steps towards achieving worldly success today. You are currently radiating a sense of power, that can make people trust you as a source of authority. It is time to walk with your head held high, knowing that you are not one to be messed with. Today offers you the chance to rise above the trials and tribulations of your past, and to use your previous hurts as a source of fuel for your success. Be the Phoenix, and rise from the ashes.

Taurus Daily Horoscope: Sometimes other people can really shake up our beliefs. Today may be a time that your partner (Romantic/Business/Best Friend/ Direct Opponent) is coming on very strong, and may seemingly be “calling you out” on some of your bad behavior. This is likely to be frustrating. However, if you step back and listen to this person’s words, you may be able to extrapolate a level of wisdom in what they are saying. Look for opportunities to grow.

Gemini Daily Horoscope: Working hard leads to financial success. This is usually true on some level, but it is especially so now. You have been working hard lately, and you are starting to feel inspired by the potential for your efforts to pay off financially.  This is the time to keep up your effort, and to visualize the outcome that you desire.

Cancer Daily Horoscope: Sex. Today has the potential to be very passionate. It is likely that many Cancers will be desiring a connection with others that is physical, but also connects you on a deeper level. This energy may play out in non-romantic ways as well. You may see a desire to express yourself creatively in a way that impacts others. Feel the passion, and connect with others on a level of heart and soul.

Leo Daily Horoscope: This is a time of connecting with your core self, and embarking on a journey of self-actualization. Who are you on the inside? When you are able to better answer this question, you will be able to channel your energy towards living in alignment with your personal truth on a daily level. Awaken your inner self.

Virgo Daily Horoscope: It is time to express your message Virgo. Speak up! You have a lot to offer this world, so it is time to share with us. You will likely find that you are especially creative today, and you will be able to express something meaningful through your artistic abilities. Creative writing or poetry are particularly supported now.

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Libra Daily Horoscope: How did your childhood impact your values Libra? This is always a useful question to consider, and today is the perfect opportunity to do just that. You may find that there is an urge to spend money now, which will likely be a form of retail therapy. Has this ever truly helped you deal with your emotions, or has it only acted as a temporary solution?

Scorpio Daily Horoscope: Today is the time to be action oriented Scorpio. You have an increased drive within you now, and you should use this to your advantage. You have a lot of good ideas right now, so if you channel your energy towards turning your thoughts into something tangible, you will likely find very positive developments taking place. Look for opportunities to exchange knowledge with others, because you will be able to learn a lot from other people.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope: Today may require you to spend some time alone in order to fully benefit from the opportunities available. You may be able to come up with new ways of handling your money if you spend time in solitude reflecting. Do you need to rewrite your budget? This is also a time that you may want to consider new ways that you can use your resources to give back to others.   

Capricorn Daily Horoscope: How can you better achieve your goals Capricorn? This is the time to consider the ways that you can transform your life into one of greater success and fulfillment. You may find that the actions of a friend are able to inspire you greatly now, so look to others for a sense of motivation. You are powerful, and can accomplish almost anything that you set your mind to.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope: It is time to retreat form others so that you can get to work. There are tremendous opportunities on offer for you now Aquarius, and you will need to focus your energy if you wish to take advantage of them. Consider spending time in solitude today so that you can finish up your projects. Reach for the stars, and put success into your own hands.

Pisces Daily Horoscope: You are quite the humanitarian now Pisces, aren’t you? This is a time of drawing upon your beliefs, and allowing your moral compass to guide you. Consider the ways that you can help improve society. What can you do to create positive change?

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