Daily Horoscope 11/15/2015--Emotional Release

Good Morning Friends,


In many ways the energy of today’s sky is a continuation of the themes that we experienced yesterday. However, we do have a meeting taking place in the cosmos between the Moon and Pluto. This is an interaction which will be felt more strongly for some than for others, but represents a forced acknowledgment of our emotions. I am not advising anyone to have an emotional breakdown at an inappropriate time, but I do believe that today is a time to find the space for your feelings. This meeting is taking place in the Sign of Capricorn, indicating that there have been strong emotional walls built up over the last few days. Therefore, if we don’t intentionally express our feelings, we may witness these walls tumbling down upon us. Emotions are part of the human experience, and it is each of our jobs to find healthy and constructive outlets for them. As always, today’s sky will speak to each sign differently. I recommend reading the section for your Rising Sign. If you do not know your rising Sign, then I encourage you to click here to calculate your free birth chart. Otherwise, just read the section for your Sun Sign. Enjoy!


Aries: Out of all of the Signs, you are the most likely to experience an emotional outburst in a very public location—possibly at work. There is a possibility of a power struggle with a person of authority today—someone like a boss, or perhaps a landlord. I would advise that you take a moment to experience your emotions before interacting in-depth with anyone today, because this will allow you to identify your feelings before they can work against you.

Taurus: Are you feeling very passionate about your beliefs right now Taurus? This can be a time of heated conversation about religion/politics/or philosophy. It probably is a good idea to voice your opinions, but just be aware that other people may not always agree with you.

Gemini: The interaction between the Moon and Pluto is taking place in the part of the sky that represents shared resources, and money that you receive form other people/organizations. For some of you there may be a somewhat uncomfortable interaction with a partner in regards to finances. Others may have to focus on any assistance they are receiving from the government. If you are applying for a loan or any kind of assistance, make sure that you don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

Cancer: There is a chance that you may experience an emotionally charged interaction with someone you are very close to today. You may find yourself feeling controlled or manipulated, and it will be hard for you to tolerate this. Conversely, you may find that your partner is feeling wronged in some way. Analyze your feelings and come to terms with them before you confront this person. This will help you to address the problem in a constructive fashion.

Leo: There is a potential for work related power struggles right now Leo. You may feel that the job is controlling you. Consider the ways in which you may be teaching your coworkers to treat you. Others may experience this more in regards to their health, and may feel a bit under the weather. Transform your health routines, because there is a chance that you have contributed to whatever health problem you may be facing.

Virgo: Many Virgos have the potential to channel deep emotions into a creative project right now, but only if they allow their walls to come down. You have the potential to create something artistic that has a humanitarian bent. If you have children, this may be a time that you consider discussing the birds-and-the-bees.

Libra: This may be a time of conflict with a parent. You may also have to watch out for developments in your personal life having effects on your career/work. Take note of your feelings, and process them while at home, so they don’t enter the picture at work.

Scorpio: You may experience a conflict with a neighbor; sibling; or extended family member that forces you to reconsider your beliefs. This also may be a time that you learn some upsetting information, that inspires you to embark on a journey of the higher mind. You may consider travel; higher education; or a new spiritual path.

Sagittarius: Are you worried about finances Sagittarius? There is a lot of stressful energy happening in a money part of your sky. You may be worried about debt that you have built up. Don’t worry, instead focus on building a stable career path for yourself, because that will be the solution to this dilemma.

Capricorn: Your emotions are probably heating up, and although you are trying to control them, you know they are about to boil over. This is a time to focus on getting them out in a healthy manner, because otherwise you are likely to take it out on someone you are close to. You may want to consider journaling.

Aquarius: You are likely starting to feel isolated Aquarius, which probably is because of an increased work load, or a health related matter. Remember that we are all connected, and you are never truly alone. You also may want to consider recording your dreams, because your subconscious may have a message in store for you.

Pisces: You are very connected to the collective unconscious Pisces, so you probably are deeply moved by the tragedies that have recently unfolded around much of the world. This is a time to focus your compassionate nature on a humanitarian cause. You may find that your creativity is the best way for you to offer assistance.

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