Daily Horoscope 12/25/2015--Christmas Full Moon

Good Morning Friends,

Happy Holidays! Today is going to be an exciting day without-a-doubt, because it is a Christmas Full Moon! Early in the day, the Moon and the Sun are standing directly across eachother in the sky, giving us the Full Moon. This indicates that at least one area of life will be reaching a high-point today, and we will start wrapping up a project we have been focused on over the last two weeks. This Full Moon is taking place in the Sign of Cancer, which is the Sign of Family; Home; and Roots. Because many of us will be spending the day with Family for Christmas, we will likely be more tapped into the energy of this Full Moon. Expect today to give you a greater sense of clarity, and embrace any lessons that are presented to you.

As always, the sky will speak to each sign differently, so I recommend paying closest attention to the section for you Rising Sign. If you don’t know your Rising Sign, then I encourage you to click here to find out. Otherwise, just read the section for your Sun Sign. This will act as a generalized forecast, if you would like personalized information, then I would recommend a Personalized Horoscope. Enjoy!

Aries: Balance between your Career Ambition and your domestic life is something that must be achieved, and today you will be realizing this clearly. Bond with your family and use this day to reconnect you with your roots. You will achieve great things in your career, but today is about enjoying time with your family. Get away from the stresses of your work life.

Taurus: You are reaching for a larger vision in life, and you are thinking more big-picture. However, today will remind you that the details and fine print are still important. You may have an interaction with a sibling; neighbor; or extended family member which proves to be significant for you. Keep your mind agile, and reach out to family. Exchange ideas with the people around you.

Gemini: Money is very much going to be a focus for you today Gemini. You are most likely going to see the need to increase your income. Don’t stress about this now, but be open to any money-making ideas that come to mind today. Comfort and stability are important, so it will be wise to think of ways to set up a greater financial safety net. You may receive good advice from a sibling; neighbor; or extended family member today, so stay open to what you hear.

Cancer: It’s a Full Moon in Your Sign! This happens once a year (sometimes twice), and represents a need to own your space. You have been focusing on a relationship or another person, and now it is your turn to be seen and heard. It’s your time to shine Cancer. Focus on being your truest self, and letting the world see who you are.

Leo: The darkness is being illuminated for you today Leo. You are likely going to acknowledge a matter that has been brewing beneath the surface. Many of you will find out the truth about something was previously being kept secret. Others will be called to face a problem that was previously being ignored. If at all possible, I would advise finding a few minutes to be alone today for contemplation and reflection.

Virgo: Today is the day to start presenting your creativity to the world! Over the last two weeks, many of you have been working on an artistic project, and now you will have the opportunity to share your work. This is a time of considering ways that you can use your creativity to serve your larger life-goals. Dream big.

Libra: Get out there Libra! It is a time of reconnecting with your life purpose, and figuring out where you are headed. Many of you will find that interactions with your parents prove to be very important today, so you will definitely want to reach out to them. Another group of you will be working today, and deciding to take steps towards greater success.

Scorpio: It is time to expand your scope of vison Scorpio. You have been focused on the details lately, and now is the time to make sure that you can still see the Forrest through the Trees. Think big picture, and learn from everyone you encounter today. If you hear anything regarding school; religion; or travel, then you will want to pay close attention to what is said. Today is about growth and wisdom.

Sagittarius: Many Sagittarians have been working on increasing their earnings lately. Now is the time to consider ways that you can create passive sources of income. Investments; royalties; and financial assistance should be thought over today. It is time to think outside of the box where money is concerned. This is also a time of working to gain a greater sense of intimacy with a partner, that connects you on the deepest of levels.

Capricorn: Today is a day to focus on your partner (romantic/close friend/business), and give them time in the spotlight. It is a time to spend balancing self with other. You likely will feel a renewed appreciation for someone you are close to today. There is also the potential to learn a great deal about yourself today, because frequently the people we are close to can act as a mirror for us.

Aquarius: Get to work Aquarius! Many Aquarian have been feeling a bit off balance lately (myself included), and now is the time to release this feeling. It is time to release self-doubt, and realize that you are in charge of your success. Feeling sorry for yourself won’t get you anywhere, so tell your inner critic to back off. You’ve got this Aquarius!

Pisces: Your big picture goals have been your primary focus recently, and should continue to be. However, today is about taking a break from planning for your future, and simply enjoying the here and now. Rejoice in the festivities, and give yourself the day off. You can get back to planning your goals tomorrow. Reach out to friends, and have a good time.

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Happy Holidays,


Taylor Kohl