Daily Horoscope 12/05/15--Intense Attraction

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We have a big change happening in the Sky today! Venus-- the planet of love; desire; and relating—is changing signs yet again. For almost a month now, Venus has been traveling through the sign of Libra. Many of us have been connecting with our loved ones, and have been working towards achieving a state of balance and harmony in our lives. Many of us have been speaking out against violence, and have been actively promoting diplomacy. We have been called to promote peace, even in the midst of devastation. On an individual level, this has been a time that a lot of us have been connecting with new partners—romantic; business; and close friends. Now that Venus is moving into Scorpio, we will see some changes taking place. Scorpio is a sign that values deep connections, and avoids superficial interactions. So we will be looking to take our bonds to a more committed level. This is a time that we will have to remember the importance of giving our loved ones space, because Venus in Scorpio can sometimes manifest as a desire to possess the people/things that we care about. The sign of Scorpio also has a very financial aspect to it, and specifically relates to credit and loans. We will likely see a lot of money being spent on credit, so this will be something to keep an eye on. For all of us, this is a time to dig beneath the service, and to connect with our desires on a more meaningful level.

As always, the sky will speak to each sign differently, so I recommend paying closest attention to the section for you Rising Sign. If you don’t know your Rising Sign, then I encourage you to click here to calculate your free Birth Chart. Otherwise, just read the section for your Sun Sign. Enjoy!

Aries: This is a time of receiving help from others. Connect with your partner on a deeper level, knowing that you are supported. If you need funding or assistance, this is the time to apply, because you are cosmically supported in such ventures. Practicing the law of attraction will also be beneficial for you now.

Taurus: Love is in the air for you now Taurus! This is the beginning of a period of romance, and relationships. If you desire a relationship, then you definitely should be dating right about now! For those of you who are not looking for a romantic relationship, this is likely to be a time of establishing important friendships or business relationships.

Gemini: Health routines, and work are receiving a positive influence for you right now. This is a time that many Geminis will be establishing a new health routine that improves their health, and gives them increased confidence. Some of you may find positive interactions with co-workers as well—possibly of a romantic nature.

Cancer: You are beginning a period of increased creativity Cancer. Connect with this energy and feel inspired. If you have children, then this can be a time of bonding with them. Many of you are going to be feeling extra flirtatious right about now, and may find a friend becoming something more.

Leo: Home is where the heart is Leo. You will be finding time at home to be very enjoyable for you right now. You may also find the opportunity to do some of your work from home as well. This may also be a good time to do some decorating around the house.

Virgo: You will be experiencing the joy of learning this next month. This is a time to be researching; reading; and discussing new ideas. Many of you will find that the information you learn about will have a major impact on your beliefs. This is a time to think big.

Libra: You are likely to see major financial developments taking place. You are very likely to see an increase in your earnings. Some of you may also see an increase in your spending. This is a time to be investing any extra money that you are making, as a way of planning for your future.

Scorpio: Venus is in your Sign! This is very good news for you Scorpio.  You are going to experience increased self-confidence, and will be noticing a lot of compliments coming your way. If you are interested in a relationship, then this is the time to take the initiative. You should be making the first move.

Sagittarius: Right now is a time that will require increased solitude. Many Sagittarians will find increased work responsibilities, which temporarily take them away from their friends. Others will be feeling a bit under the weather, and will want to rest as much as possible. All Sagittarians should be spending some time reflecting, and contemplating where you would like to go next in life.

Capricorn: If you have been working hard on your career, then now is the time that you will definitely start to see the pay off. This is also a time that you can have positive interactions with friends, and will notice an increase in your social life—but you are going to want to make sure that you are connecting with friends who will help you reach your goals. Dream big.

Aquarius: Venus is at the very top of your sky Aquarius! This is excellent for career and life direction. You have a natural ability to attract success right now, so you need to be working hard on your goals. If you are looking to get a promotion, then now is the time to establish a solid bond with your boss, because this will help you climb the corporate ladder.

Pisces: Many Pisceans will be experiencing an increased level of faith right now, and will be connecting with their spiritual side. If you are not spiritually inclined, then this may be a time of connecting with your guiding principles. This is also a time that you can have great success in getting your message out to a larger audience—whatever that message may be.

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