Opportunity Meets Action

Greetings Friends,

The sky is filled with blessings on offer! We have a conversation between Venus and Saturn reaching a pinnacle, showing us all that lasting love is possible. This conversation is one of opportunity, and will present to us each an opportunity to fulfill our desires in a manner that is stable and has many legs to stand on. This interaction between Venus and Saturn has been slowing forming for several days now, but today we have Mars at the beginning stages of involvement as well—this is an added boost of passion. The other event taking place in the sky today is between Jupiter and Mercury, which indicates that today is a day to be discussing philosophical subjects. Many of us remember being told never to discuss religion or politics, but today is the perfect time to discuss such matters. With all of the political debates taking place, it seems likely that such topics will require discussion. It will however be important to remember to respect everyone’s views if you choose to take part in these discussions, because emotions can run a bit high at the moment. This should be a time of releasing any ego attachments we have surrounding our beliefs, and instead choosing to appreciate the learning that can come when we are surrounded by a diverse set of opinions. As always, the Sky will speak to each sign differently, so I recommend that you read the section for your Rising Sign. If you do not know your Rising Sign, then I encourage you to click here to calculate your free birth chart. Otherwise, just read the section for you Sun Sign. Enjoy!

Aries: Currently you are learning a lot from the people you surround yourself with, which is always a blessing! The part of your Sky that relates to your closest relationships is being activated by Venus and Mars, indicating passionate encounters. This is the ideal time for connecting with your partner on a philosophical or spiritual level. Right now is the time to discover the beliefs you share with your loved one. You may also find that connecting with a co-worker or someone that you meet while at work, will teach you a lesson of value.

Taurus: Are you finding a new appreciation for your work Taurus? Right now you have an opportunity to discover a sense of joy through the work that you are doing. It is likely that by enjoying your work, your profits will begin to increase. There is also a strong romantic focus for you right now. Many Taureans are feeling love in the air, and this could lead to a deeper connection with your partner. For some of you, it may be time to start talking about having children if that is what you desire. If you do not want children right now, then be advised that you are quite fertile at the moment.

Gemini: I’ve mentioned this in a few of the horoscopes for you recently Gemini, but I will say it again, you should be looking for opportunities to work from home. This is highly supported for you for the next year, and the events taking place today are giving you opportunities to get the ball rolling. Put in the work to promote whatever work that you are trying to do from home, and you will almost certainly see rewards heading your way. Along with all of this work related energy, there is also a distinct relationship focus. Your partner is expressing love and affection, and it is strengthening your relationship. If you are single and interested in a relationship, then you might have a successful blind date in store for you.

Cancer: How is your work affecting your home life Cancer? Many Cancerians out there have been working hard to save money, and now may find that they have saved enough money to either purchase a new home, or do work on their current homes. The other major focus for you right now has to do with love. There is a definite possibility of a secret admirer entering the picture. This also could play out as an office romance that has to be kept quiet. It is likely that a romance will begin that for some reason has to be kept hidden. Lastly, this is a very positive time for working on a creative writing project, or promoting your art work.

Leo: Right now is the time to be organizer you budget. You may find that a home-related expense is showing up for you, that you will wish you had prepared for. You also may be considering a project to increase the value of your home. Another group of Leos will find that they are having to spend a lot of money on their children. If you are looking for romance, this is a time to be out-and-about in your neighborhood, because you may just bump into someone that you can connect with.

Virgo: The likelihood of receiving money from another person/organization is very high Virgo. And depending on how much money you receive, some of you may be considering purchasing a property. It is also likely that many of you will blow through this money immediately after receiving it—this is obviously not advised. If you end up receiving a lump sum of cash, then right now is the time focus on saving. You may also want to spend some time with a neighbor; sibling; or extended family member, because they very likely will be able to offer you some useful advice.   

Libra: You have been extra charming lately Libra because Venus is in your sign, but now that Mars is also in your sign you have an increased passion within you as well. This is without a doubt going to increase you level of sex appeal, and you may be getting A LOT of attention right about now. However, some of you may notice—or not notice, even though others do—that your temper increases a bit. You have an opportunity to channel your increased energy into learning or honing a skill, which is a good way to keep your temper under control. Also, you may be a bit impulsive right about now, so it will be important for you to watch your spending habits.

Scorpio: Watch out for people trying to take advantage of you for your Money Scorpio. This is NOT the time to be loaning money, because you probably will never see it again. This is a great time to spend thinking about your goals in life, and starting to plan for them. You may also find that spending time with the friends that you can trust %100 will fill you with joy, and they possibly will be able to give you some money-making ideas. Just be sure that the people that you are taking advice from are trustworthy individuals.

Sagittarius: Many Sagittarians are going to find that staying home alone helps them get a lot accomplished today. You may be working on a project for work that needs a lot of your attention, so today might be focused on that. There is also a strong likelihood that events are developing that you are not yet aware of. A boss or business partner may be starting to take notice of your work. If you have been putting in the effort, then this should be beneficial for you. It is also likely that you are very connected with your goals right now, and thanks to Saturn you have disciplined approach to making your dreams come true. Keep up the good work!

Capricorn: You can learn a lot from your friends today Capricorn! Today is a great time to reach out to the people in your social circle and exchange wisdom. This is the perfect time to get involved in a social justice cause, because you are starting to understand just how powerful a group can be at making positive change. Some Capricorns are connecting with their spirituality, and now may be a good time consider connecting with a group of believers. You may also encounter an opportunity to improve career based on the actions you do when you think no one is looking.

Aquarius: You are passionate about sharing your beliefs with the world right now Aquarius, and people are starting to listen! You have been very disciplined in matters related to your goals, and this discipline is definitely starting to benefit you. You have to try and stay somewhat balanced. Even though you have been busy working towards your dreams, you have to remember to tell your friends how much you care. They will be understanding of the fact that you are busy, as long as you communicate with them. You may also find that opportunities to get financial support start showing up for you in unexpected places.

Pisces: Some Pisceans out there may have the opportunity to work less as the result of their partner getting a raise. You also may be starting to think about leaving work to go to school. If this is the case, then you should start applying for loans; grants; scholarships as soon as possible. Another group of Pisceans may decide to go on an extended trip to a faraway location, in that case right now is an excellent time to focus on saving money. Focus on financially preparing for an activity that will expand your higher mind.

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Your Astrologer,

Taylor Kohl