Capricorn Daily Horoscope--March 24th, 2016

Since August, you’ve likely been dealing with subconscious/hidden self-doubts, and feelings of isolation. You may have been feeling slightly down, and needed more rest than usual. This has all been an effort to get you to address underlying issues in your life, and many of you have been doing excellent work to overcome them. It is also likely that you’ve been addressing issues in the way that you spend your money, and working to develop more responsible financial habits. Now that Saturn is going retrograde, you may have to look back at the issues that you been working on, and make another attempt to solve them. When problems are confusing to begin with, it is rare that we are able to overcome them with one try. Continue working hard and tackling your issues, and by August you will be one step closer to overcoming anything that negatively impacts your life.