Capricorn Weekly Horoscope--March 28th-April 3rd, 2016

Sometimes we have to get away from distractions, and analyze our inner workings. This is a time of considering who you are, when no one is looking. Do you like this person? Is this the person that everyone else sees? These are important questions to ask yourself now. Look within, and consider ways that you can express a more authentic version of yourself to the world. You may also be able to come up with money making ideas this week. Do a bit of research, and consider alternative methods for generating income. You may find that all of the new information that you are gaining helps you continue on your journey of inner and outer transformation. Look for opportunities to transform yourself by becoming a reflection of who you are on the inside. As we approach the end of the week, you may find some unexpected events taking place at home. You may feel called to go on an adventure which requires you to travel. Some of you may even begin thinking about moving to another location altogether. If this is the case, just be sure to properly plan, and think over the details. Above all, expect the unexpected and embrace opportunities to grow.