Gemini Weekly Horoscope--March 28th-April 3rd, 2016

Get ready for a wild time Gemini, because this week is going to shake you up. This is an excellent time to think big picture, and consider where you are heading long-term with your close partners (romantic/business/best friend). You may find that discussing your future helps you bond with the people your closest to. Some of you may even be discussing future moving plans with your partner. If you’re single, then this is a good time to consider going on a date with a friend. You may find that the relationship goes one step further, and becomes something more serious. This is the time to be very careful with your money, specifically when dealing with credit; loans; or joint resources. You may feel as though you need to invest a sizable amount of money now, in order to help ensure your long-term success. This may be true, however, make sure that you do all the research and planning before you put the dollars down. As we get a little bit further in the week, you may find very unexpected events taking place related to your long-term goals. It may feel as though you’re getting your big break. Conversely, it may feel as though your whole future is being shaken up. This is energy that is hard to predict, because it is very unstable. The best way to navigate is to simply expect the unexpected, knowing that you are heading in the right direction.