Gemini Monthly Horoscope--April, 2016

Socializing is the name of the game this month Gemini. You may find that social media is your best course of action, because it seems like you’re going to have to make some connections behind the scenes. Your mind might be a bit overstimulated, so this is going to require you to get that extra hour of sleep. Strive to think long term, and align yourself with the people who can help you make it to the finish line. As we get further along in the month, the focus is going to shift. You may feel the need for introspection. Your intuition will be strong, so you’ll want to listen to your dreams. You may also find that your partnerships (romantic/business/best friend) need to be re-examined. You may need to reinvest more of your energy into maintaining a healthy connection. Above all, this is the time of getting the message out there; connecting with important people; and focusing on your closest relationships.