Leo Weekly Horoscope--February 22nd-February 28th

This week is likely going to make you consider your finances. You have been thinking over your long term financial future recently, but you may feel tempted to splurge this next week. This is probably not a good idea. Instead, focus on finding new ways that you can organize your finances. This is also a good time to consider matters of self-worth. You may be thinking too much about what other people think of you. As the week progresses, you will likely feel romance in the air. This is a time for loving words being shared, and possibly exciting times in the bedroom;) And finally, as the week closes, you will want to pay close attention to any investments you have, or any joint financial ventures you are a part of. You may find that other people are negatively impacting your finances. If you are cautious with your money, then everything will be fine. Last thing, DO NOT DO YOUR TAXES THIS WEEK—SERIOUSLY, DON’T DO IT.