Leo Weekly Horoscope--March 14th-March 20th

You are likely seeking thrills this week, and adrenaline is almost addictive. Sometimes the rush that comes from risky behavior, is almost as pleasurable as pleasure itself. I recommend that this week you avoid daredevil behavior, and you be careful with your spending. You may feel called to face your fears by digging deep for the answers, however sometimes you have to take things slowly. Allow yourself to investigate the mysteries of life, but don’t terrify yourself in the process. Look for ways of having fun that are low risk. As the week progresses, you may see major financial opportunities emerging, which have been slowly brewing for some time. Strive to think about money in a different manner and allow yourself to move towards the opportunities that are presenting themselves. As the week closes, you will have reached a state of greater clarity, and you can move towards your next opportunity for growth. This is an excellent time to visualize the success and financial abundance that you wish to achieve in the future. However, I advise against any major purchases towards the end of the week. I also recommend waiting until April to do your taxes (taxes are due on April 18th in the USA).