Libra Weekly Horoscope--March 14th-March 20th

You’re desiring a more organized and productive lifestyle, but you may be feeling a bit scatterbrained. Don’t allow yourself to stress about this, just continue taking steps to align yourself with a healthier; happier; and more productive lifestyle. You also may want to be careful with your words at work this week, because you could say something that upsets a coworker. Workplace drama is never a good idea. As the week progresses, you may feel a sense of inner transformation emerging. This is a time where you can go through a major change that frees you from the grips of deception and self-sabotage. You will likely have an understanding of what is, and what is not serving you in life. By the end of the week you’ll see a major focus emerging on your partnerships (romantic/business/best friend). Some of you may begin seeing opportunities to partner professionally or romantically with a friend. If you do end up becoming closer with someone special, then make sure you are presenting your most honest self, free from deception and delusion. The real you is the most attractive you.