Libra Monthly Horoscope--April, 2016

Partnerships (romantic/business/best friend) are definitely a focus right now. You may find that a friend is turning into something more. This also could be a time that a friend is helping you move closer to your goals in life. Enjoy these relationships, but it is always a good idea to take things slowly. As we get farther along in the month, you may find that finances become a focus for you. Some of you may be considering going to school, and will be looking for scholarships. Others will be looking for funds for other reasons. If you haven’t done your taxes yet (taxes are due April 18th in USA), then I would recommend filing for an extension. This is because it seems as though you will miss certain opportunities to get the biggest tax return if you do them in April. Overall, this is a time of preparing for future financial ventures, but not actually investing or spending at the moment. Focus on building solid connections, because they will lead you to the life that you desire.