Introduction to April

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Hello Friends,

Alright y’all, this is a big month, because Mars and Mercury are going Retrograde. To kick off the shenanigans, Mercury and Venus will both be changing Signs on April 5th. Mercury will enter Taurus, and Venus will enter Aries. This is definitely going to shift the energy of the Cosmos. We will likely be looking to learn something new and exciting, but we will take our time to reach a well-rounded understanding. And then we have the Aries New Moon on April 7th, which is a time of major new beginnings! This is a time of getting active, and taking charge of life! This is an excellent time to set intentions. That being said, the projects you start now may have to be gone over a few times. This is because Mars is going Retrograde on April 17th, which means that we will have to refine our efforts as Mars goes back and forth over the same part of the Sky. Three days later, on April 20th, the Sun will enter Taurus. This will ask us to move towards a greater level of stability in our lives, and to master our skills. The Full Moon in Scorpio is occurring on the 21st, which will give us a full circle understanding of the projects we started around the time of the New Moon. Mercury is going Retrograde on April 28th, which is going to begin a period of reconsideration. What do you need to look back over? This is an excellent time to revise projects that you have been working on, but not the best time to begin major new projects. And finally, Venus changes Signs yet again on April 29th, as she enters Taurus. This is a time that we will feel very comfortable indulging in earthly pleasure, so we will have to be careful to practice moderation. Alright Friends, make sure to read the Horoscopes for your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and Rising Sign--this will give you the most in-depth and accurate information. You can find out your Rising Sign, and Moon Sign by clicking the buttons titled "Rising Sign Calculator" and "Moon Sign Calculator." Xoxo.

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I recommend reading the Horoscopes for your Rising Sign, Sun Sign, and Moon Sign. The Sun Sign is the sign that you probably already know, but you can find out your Rising Sign and Moon Sign by clicking the buttons below.