Weekly Horoscope--2/22/16-2/28/16

Hello Friends,

This week is a big one for us, and it is starting off with bang! Today (2/22) we will have a Full Moon in the Sign of Virgo! The Full Moon occurs each month when the Sun and Moon stand across from each other in the Sky. Currently the Sun is in Pisces while the Moon is in Virgo. Pisces is a Sign that is fully immersed in the waters of the collective unconscious; generally, Pisceans are filled with endless compassion and intuition, yet lack a solid footing in our 3D world. Virgo is very much the opposite. While Virgo is a spiritually oriented sign, there tends to be a very solid connection with the Earth, and with life here on Earth. The Connection between these two signs is their desire to serve. Pisces is filled with lofty ideals, and would likely say “I don’t understand why there isn’t enough food and water for everyone,” while Virgo might respond “that question is irrelevant Pisces. Now get your head out of the clouds, and let’s be solution-oriented.” This Full Moon is asking us to take our compassion, and apply it in an organized manner. It is time to be solution oriented. The next major event will be on Wednesday, when Mercury speaks to Saturn in a friendly conversation. This indicates we will have opportunities to focus our mental energy, and we will be able to choose our words carefully. Mercury will begin conversing with Uranus only two days later, on Friday. This has mad genius energy written all over it. When Mercury and Uranus get to talking, we see amazing ideas surfacing. This is also a time that new Tech devices tend to get released, or covered by the media. And finally, the Sun will meet with Neptune in the Sky on Sunday. This is a day that Secrets can come to light. Dirty laundry gets aired when this occurs--we frequently find out about scandals involving politicians and/or celebrities.

Aries: This week will ask you to get your life together. Anywhere that you have been slacking, will require organization. You may find that it is the perfect time to work on becoming healthier. As the week progresses, you may be able to receive valuable insights from a friend, which can help you move closer to your goals. Your mind is incredibly sharp this week, so you will want to be communicating your ideas. And finally, as the week closes, you will want to pay very close attention to your dreams, because they may contain some incredibly valuable messages.

Taurus: You have been working hard to achieve your goals lately Taurus, but this week will remind you that it is necessary to have fun also. You have to enjoy life, otherwise you will never be able to put your heart into what you are doing. As the week progresses, you may see new professional opportunities emerging. If you provide services, then this could be a time that a high paying client comes into your life. This may also be a time to consider professions that involve organizing/handling other people’s finances (accountant/bank teller/financial adviser/etc.). As the week closes, you will want to pay close attention to the behavior of your friends. You may discover a secret about one of your friends.  

Gemini: It is time to reconnect with you roots Gemini. You have been working hard to establish yourself in the world, but you have to remember who you are, and where you come from. When our foundation is strong, success becomes much more attainable. As the week progresses, you will feel called to connect with the people you are closest to on a deeper level. You may be engaged in discussion of philosophy; spirituality; or metaphysics. This may be time to consider reaching out to a larger group of people with similar beliefs. As the week closes, you may discover that someone in authority is up to some shady behavior, or is in some way being secretive. Keep your eyes open.

Cancer: Having faith is great, but sometimes it is necessary to consider the facts. You have been expanding your understanding of life recently, and you have gained tremendous wisdom. However, the Full Moon in Virgo will ask you to look over the details, and apply logic to your beliefs. Questioning your beliefs is necessary from time to time, because it ensures that you are keeping an open mind. As the week progresses, you very well could see new support emerging, which may be able to move you towards greater success. Consider new ways of generating wealth. And finally, as the week closes, you will want to listen to your intuition, because it will likely be very strong. You may be able to tap into a higher form of wisdom. Trust your instincts.

Leo: This week is likely going to make you consider your finances. You have been thinking over your long term financial future recently, but you may feel tempted to splurge this next week. This is probably not a good idea. Instead, focus on finding new ways that you can organize your finances. This is also a good time to consider matters of self-worth. You may be thinking too much about what other people think of you. As the week progresses, you will likely feel romance in the air. This is a time for loving words being shared, and possibly exciting times in the bedroom;) And finally, as the week closes, you will want to pay close attention to any investments you have, or any joint financial ventures you are a part of. You may find that other people are negatively impacting your finances. If you are cautious with your money, then everything will be fine. Last thing, DO NOT DO YOUR TAXES THIS WEEK—SERIOUSLY, DON’T DO IT.

Virgo: You have been working hard on your relationships (romantic/business/best friend) lately, but this week will remind you to focus on your personal growth. This is a time of reflecting on which behaviors are serving you, and which need to be let go of. Sometimes, we need to change in order to continue moving in the right direction. As the week progresses, you may begin feeling a stronger desire for greater order in your life. This could be a time of working on your home, or a time of working to achieve a greater sense of internal security. You also may be able to think up some genius money making ideas right now, so make sure to record your thoughts. And finally, I’m not trying to scare you, but you may want to consider the possibility that your partner (business/romantic/best friend), is not being entirely honest with you. Conversely, this may be a time that you may be realizing that your perspective of your partner is slightly unrealistic. This may be something minor, so don’t stress out.

Libra: This week is telling you to get some rest! You have been working really hard lately, and now it the time to sit back and relax—for a while, at least. You will want to pay attention to your dreams, because they may have a message for you. As we get farther in the week, the rest will end, and you will need to be up and at ‘em again. If you are looking for love, then this is YOUR week. This is a good time to try your luck with online dating. This is also a time that you could encounter love by simply walking around your neighborhood—you never know who you could bump into. If this doesn’t manifest as romance, then it will likely show up as creativity. Look for opportunities to share your talents. And finally, as the week closes, you will want to be cautious when dealing with co-workers, because they might be misleading you in some way. Just keep clear professional boundaries, and everything should run smoothly.  

Scorpio: Where are you going in life Scorpio? Lately you have been connecting with joy, and you have likely been treating life like a party. The Full Moon will remind you to consider your aspirations. Think of ways that you can use your creativity to push you closer to your goals. As the week progresses, you may begin to see opportunities emerging, which would allow you to make money from home. This also could be an opportunity to work in a field that involves homes (interior decorating, real estate, bed and breakfast, etc). This is a good time to be considering such professions, even if you don’t immediately see opportunities showing up. And finally, as the week closes, you will have a ton of creative potential, so you better be using it!

Sagittarius: You have been connecting with your roots lately, and you have made major strides towards becoming more grounded. However, the Full Moon is telling you to remember the importance of reaching out to the public. Your professional life is still important. As the week progresses, you will likely see opportunities to share your insights with the world. You may also find that you are able to string your words together in an incredibly creative way, so get to writing! As the week closes, you may feel a bit ungrounded. This Is nothing to worry about, you will just need to remember that you are stronger than anything that makes you feel anxious. This could also be a time that one of your parents is acting a bit mischievous, and you may feel like you are the parent in the relationship. Just know that you are the one who decides your level of involvement.

Capricorn: Having the facts is great, but sometimes you have to let your faith guide you. You have been focused on learning lately, and that is always a good thing. However, the Full Moon in Virgo will ask you to see the bigger picture, and let your intuition call the shots for once. Letting go of the need for proof is sometimes necessary, because it allows you to take notice of the numerous things in life which cannot be explained by data alone. As the week progresses, you may see new financial opportunities emerging, which you will likely only notice if you are tapping into your intuition. And finally, as the week closes, you will want to pay close attention to the ideas that are surfacing in your mind, because you may begin noticing a flaw in your thought process. Our thoughts lead to our reality.

Aquarius: You have been very focused on your financial security recently, but this Full Moon is telling you to trust that you are provided for. I’m not saying that you should stop working hard to support yourself, but it is time to release fears regarding money. Work hard, and trust that the Universe is leading you in the right direction. As the week progresses, you may see opportunities showing up, which will allow you to get your message out to a larger group of people; this is a great time to be networking in person, but also on social media. And finally, as the week closes, you may gain a sense of clarity regarding your finances. It is likely that you will begin to see exactly why you are not making as much as you would like to. This will also be a time of addressing issues of self-worth. Strive to love yourself exactly as you are.

Pisces: Romance is in the air Pisces! The Full Moon is happening in the partnership (romantic/business/best friend) area of your sky, which means that there will almost certainly be someone there for you. As much as this is about connecting with someone else, this is also about learning about yourself through other people. Other people frequently act as a mirror for us. As the week progresses, you will want to listen to your intuition, because it will be guiding you towards greater success. If you find yourself getting a hunch relating to your career, then you will want to pay close attention to what you are feeling. This also is a time that you should be paying close attention to your dreams, because your subconscious will likely have important messages for you. As the week closes, you will likely become aware of certain behaviors within yourself that are no longer serving you. Sometimes it is necessary to change parts of ourselves in order to continue growing, and this may be the case now. Be the person that you know you are capable of being.