Lunar Eclipse Horoscope--3/23/2016


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Cancer: Many Cancers have been looking for opportunities for growth and adventure. This is a time of embracing a little bit of excitement, and letting go of the need for complete security. Some of you may be moving within the coming months. Although moving can be scary, it is always an opportunity for growth. Even if you stay in your current location, it is time to let go of some of your roots. It is important to know that security comes from within; not from external factors that make us temporarily feel comfortable. Find internal grounding, so that you may go and explore the world.

Leo: After a period of deep contemplation, it is time to adjust your beliefs. Certain truths cannot be measured through the senses, which is likely something that you’re becoming aware of on a deeper level. This is a time to embrace a new outlook, which merges fact and faith. It may feel as though you are finally seeing the forest through the trees. The whole is more than just the sum of its parts. Some of you may also be going on an adventure--possibly seeking higher education--which will require you to release limitations and seek something bigger. The sky is the limit.

Virgo: Feeling independent, and determining your own worth is very important. However, being open to support is just as necessary. You don’t have to do everything on your own. If you’re in a partnership (romantic/business/best friend), then it is essential to find the proper balance between independence and unification. This is the time to sort out the proper balance between give-and-take; mine vs. yours; and boundaries vs. intimacy. You may find that certain changes in your job are forcing these discussions to come up. One of you may have a change in your income, which requires the two of you to renegotiate roles and responsibilities.

Libra: Sometimes it is essential to let go of our identity just a little bit. It sounds so contrary to what many of us are taught from a young age (be yourself; don’t let anyone change you; you’re perfect as you are). However, the fact of the matter is, every relationship (business/romantic/best friend) we enter into, requires us to adapt to the needs of the other person. That’s not to say we need to relinquish every part of ourselves, but it is important to consider the other person’s perspective and needs. This is the time to consider what changes you can make to improve your connection with others. 

Scorpio: It’s time to get your life in greater order Scorpio. The focus is on improving your health; happiness; and productivity. This will require you to leave behind anything that is no longer serving your best interests. You may find that certain self-sabotaging behaviors are becoming clear to you, and it is time to take steps to end them. This can come in the form of addiction; bad habits; or even just laziness. Whatever it is, now is the time to end it. You may also become aware of certain people in your life that are not serving your best interest as well. Is one of your friends really acting as more of an enemy? If so, then it may be time to end the relationship.

Sagittarius: It’s time to take your friendship to the next level. If your friendships are supporting you, then this can be a time that friends become best friends. However, if you are socializing with people who are not looking out for your best interests, then this may be a time to consider distancing yourself from them. Sometimes we have to do what is best for us. Think of your long-term vision for life, and consider which people will help you reach your goals. This is also a time of opening up your heart to self-love, and releasing the need for confirmation from others. You are your biggest supporter, so make sure you’re doing the job justice.

Capricorn: Is your job adding value to your life? Sometimes when we work a job that pays well, we stop considering whether or not it is benefiting us on an emotional level. Do you feel as though you are working towards your goals, or merely your next paycheck? Look within and determine what would make you feel emotionally fulfilled in life. It is time to reconnect with your roots, and make changes in your professional life that provide you with greater inner peace. I’m not advising anyone quit their jobs, but if you’re not happy with your current job, then it might be time to start looking for a new one. For those of you who are satisfied with your career path; this is the time to make a power move. Stagnating in your current position is no longer allowed. Go one step further.

Aquarius: Essentially, the sky is telling you to speak up or shut up. You have gained an incredible amount of wisdom and knowledge recently, and now you have to do something with it. Look for opportunities to share your beliefs with the world. If you don’t plan on sharing your thoughts, then this may be the time to stop letting them consume your mind. Some of you may also be making changes in your education. There is a potential to change majors; enroll in school; drop out of school; or change schools. Bottom line, if you are in school, and you’re questioning your education, then this is the time to make the appropriate changes.

Pisces: It is time to establish proper boundaries between give-and-take in your relationships (romantic/business/best friend). If you are entering into a more committed relationship of any kind and things are going well, then this may be the time to move towards shared resources. However, if you are in a relationship that is not going very well, then this is the time to move towards greater financial independence. Bottom line, it’s time to address your resources, and make steps which will lead towards greater balance. You are also being called to address issues of self-worth. If you are relying on confirmation from others, then it is time to realize that you are the only person who determines your value.