Pisces Weekly Horoscope--February 22nd-February 28th

Romance is in the air Pisces! The Full Moon is happening in the partnership (romantic/business/best friend) area of your sky, which means that there will almost certainly be someone there for you. As much as this is about connecting with someone else, this is also about learning about yourself through other people. Other people frequently act as a mirror for us. As the week progresses, you will want to listen to your intuition, because it will be guiding you towards greater success. If you find yourself getting a hunch relating to your career, then you will want to pay close attention to what you are feeling. This also is a time that you should be paying close attention to your dreams, because your subconscious will likely have important messages for you. As the week closes, you will likely become aware of certain behaviors within yourself that are no longer serving you. Sometimes it is necessary to change parts of ourselves in order to continue growing, and this may be the case now. Be the person that you know you are capable of being.