Pisces Weekly Horoscope--March 28th-April 3rd, 2016

This week is about organizing your money, and coming up with a plan for reaching the success you desire financially, and professionally. You may find that connecting with someone influential is possible, so this is a time to be actively networking. The people you meet now, may be able to help you fulfill your financial goals. This is not the time to be investing a large amount of money in your future goals. Rather, this is the time to be planning, and organizing for the steps you will take in the future. Be frugal, and work to maintain the level of stability you currently have. You also may find that a friend is in some way disrupting your finances, which you will need to put a stop to. It could be that they are asking for money. However, it could also just be that going out with your friends is costing too much of your money. Look for ways of having fun for free. As we get to the end of the week, there will likely be unexpected events occurring related to your income and finances. This could be an opportunity to make money, but it also could be an unexpected urge to spend money. Above all, embrace change, and look for opportunities to reach out to people who can help you on your journey toward success.