Pluto: Planet of the Phoenix

By Taylor Kohl

Pluto Doesn't Play Games Y'all! This Planet (yes I said Planet), moves REALLY SLOW. It takes roughly 248 years for Pluto to go through the Zodiac. Therefore, Pluto represenents slowly building transformations within us, but even more so within society at large. Some of our biggest rewards in life are shown by Pluto, but they are rewards that come after a slow and painful process of death and rebirth. For instance, Pluto is associated with Chemotherapy, and studies have shown time and time again that on average, Cancer Survivors are far happier than people who have never experienced this disease. Pluto strips us to the bare essentials of our being, and reminds us that our greatest wealth comes from within. When we embrace Pluto, we embrace the Phoenix that lives within each of us.