Scorpio Weekly Horoscope--March 14th-March 20th

there is a major focus on embracing the things in life that bring joy and happiness. However, there seems to be conflict; something is keeping you from the joy that you are seeking. You may be considering if the fun that you are desiring is providing you with any security in life. is this simply immediate gratification, or are the activities that you are partaking in benefiting your life? This Is the question to ask yourself now; the answer may provide you with a greater sense of clarity, regarding the obstacles you are perceiving. Sometimes immediate gratification doesn’t lead to long-term happiness. As the week progresses, you will likely see a path towards success forming. If opportunities show up, then you will want to reach for them, because they will likely be aligning you with greater long-term happiness. Think big picture. As the week closes, you may see interesting developments playing out in your relationships (romantic/business/best friend). This may be a time where the romance simply seems magical. However, sometimes magic is an illusion. This very well could be as amazing as it sounds, but just in case it isn’t, you want to stay grounded in reality. Take love slowly, because if it is meant to be, then it doesn’t need to be rushed. At the very end of the week, you will begin to see a drive towards greater organization and productivity emerge within you, and this will help align you with greater success. It’s time to work hard.