Uranus: Planet of [R]evolution

By Taylor Kohl

There was a time that the Universe made sense, and followed a clearly defined structure...and then came Uranus! On March 13th, 1781, Uranus was discovered. This took the model of the cosmos that we had used for thousands of years, and CRUSHED it. In many ways, this is what Uranus represents Astrologically. This Planet moves slowly, and shakes life up on a collective level. Wars; Revolutions (social & political); and Technological breakthroughs, are almost ALWAYS related to Uranus' movement through the Heavens. Keywords for this planet are: Chaos; Revolution; Uprising; and Liberty. On an individual level, Uranus represents our desire to be different from others. When Uranus is prominent in the birth chart, an individual becomes very unique in some way. When we are too tapped into Uranian energy, we become overly rebellious; isolated; and have difficulty relating. When we are not in tune with Uranian energy, we become blind sheep; followers; or rigid. Finding the balance is the key to our individual and collective advancement.