Virgo Weekly Horoscope--March 14th-March 20th

Your relationships are in prime focus right now, and there seems to be a lot of positive energy in that area of your life. However, there may be a sense of inner turmoil playing out which is impacting your connection with your partner (romantic/business/best friend). This is likely based on issues from your past that have not been dealt with effectively. If you find yourself arguing with the people you’re closest to, then you may want to consider if you are misplacing your emotions. Find someone to open up to about whatever’s on your mind, and you may be able to get closure on past issues. As the week progresses, you may see opportunities emerging which can provide you with greater joy, and possibly greater financial abundance. This just might be the perfect time to purchase a lottery ticket (don’t go overboard though), because luck seems to be on your side. I’m not guaranteeing you’ll win-- in fact it is still incredibly unlikely-- however, the odds seem to be slightly more favorable than usual. If you want children, then be advised that you are extra fertile at the end of this week. And finally, if you are in a relationship, then things may seem magical at the end of this week. This can be a time where fairytales seem real. However, this also can be a time where deception is strong, but that is only if the relationship is not in a positive place currently. Appreciate the magic in the air, but strive to stay grounded in reality.